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Pipelines 4.0

An integrated approach to optimizing midstream assets
Pipelines 4.0 - The Future of Oil and Gas Pipelines

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Pipelines 4.0

The midstream market has evolved. Evolve with it.

Pipelines 4.0 is an integrated approach to the engineering, supply and life cycle optimization of pipeline assets, tailored to meet the evolving needs of midstream operators globally. With a significant increase in demand for pipeline infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and driving down costs have become more relevant. Today’s operators must contend with a host of emerging challenges as well: effectively managing large amounts of data, cybersecurity threats and tightening legislation.
Product Highlights

SGT-750 Gas Turbine Hits New Milestones

In recent years, oil and gas operators across the supply chain have faced increased pressure to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impacts. To help meet these challenges, the SGT-750 industrial gas turbine has been frequently selected for power generation and mechanical drive applications. Designed to incorporate the size and weight advantages of an aeroderivative gas turbine, the SGT-750 maintains the robustness and flexibility of heavy-duty models. With 68,000 operating hours to a first major overhaul and a service plan with only 17 maintenance days in 17 years, the turbine has become a popular option in oil and gas applications.
Our state-of-the-art SGT-750 gas turbine is the only twin-shaft engine in its power class with industry-leading fuel efficiency and one of the lowest emission profiles. The train configuration achieved by coupling the SGT-750 with the highly efficient DATUM compressors provides an excellent solution for the Encana's Pipestone gas compression service."
Patrice Laporte, Vice President, North Americas Sales, Siemens Oil and Gas
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Gas Turbines for Onshore Pipelines

Our gas turbine models range from 4 to 593 MW, fulfilling the requirements of a wide spectrum of applications in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental compatibility. The products offer low lifecycle costs and an excellent return on investment. 

Pipeline Compressors

We offer a wide range of pipeline compressors with a choice of axial intake or conventional horizontally opposed suction and discharge nozzles. All designs allow for easy access to compressor internals without the need to remove piping.  With up to 91% polytropic efficiency, our pipeline compressors are second to none in the industry. Each compressor’s aerodynamic assembly is custom engineered to maximize efficiency and operating range.

Power Transmission Packages

Power that’s made for Midstream

With our SGT-400 Pipeline (PL) Compressor Package, we’ve built a solution perfectly suited to the needs of the midstream market.

SGT-400 PL Package

Our SGT-400 PL package is designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic energy market. Compact and factory-complete, it is easy, affordable and fast to ship and install and backed by our world-class services. Powered by our SGT-400 gas turbine coupled with a Siemens class-leading pipeline compressor, it combines reliability with greater efficiency and lower emissions across the entire 10MW-15MW (13,000HP to 20,000HP) power range. 


Digital solutions for pipeline operators

Siemens has the unique ability to offer an extended electrification package that includes oil and gas software for compressors, drives, motors, skids, automation, e-shelters, sub-stations and transformers, enabling operators to further streamline interfaces and reduce risk. And we are a major provider of data-based solutions to the oil and gas industry. 

Discover your untapped assets

Advances in sensor technology and data analytics have ushered in the Internet of Things (IoT), which is steadily transforming entire industries, including oil and gas. Our data-based solutions, which include remote monitoring and drive-train analytics, offer the ideal antidote for aging pipeline assets. We are also developing unique applications, like SmartPump (highlighted below), to improve operational efficiency and drive down costs. And our cybersecurity strategies can help you afford maximum protection to strategic midstream assets. 

SmartPump for oil pipelines

Securely hosted in Siemens cloud-based MindSphere IoT operating system, our SmartPump application holds the potential to reduce utility charges significantly, helping operators save millions of dollars over multi-year periods The data-based solution is designed to optimize load management, power consumption, and scheduling in pump stations. 

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Articles and White Papers

Articles and White Papers


The Case for Large Power Block Gas Turbine Trains

To remedy North America’s shortage of gathering, transmission and pipeline capacity, pipeline operators should consider compression station design approach with the lowest cost of ownership, which can be achieved by using large power block gas turbines in their compressor trains.

Business Case for Using Large Power Block Gas Turbine Trains in Compression Duty

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digital oilfield

Process Instrumentation

An array of high-performance field instruments is required to monitor the health and efficiency of midstream infrastructure – from pumping/compressor, valve, and metering stations, to above- and below-ground storage tanks. This includes digitally-enabled flow, pressure, temperature, level and positioning products, as well as corresponding control and communication solutions – all of which must meet stringent standards set by the oil and gas industry. 

Press Releases

Press Releases