Topsides 4.0

A digital lifecycle approach for optimizing offshore Oil and Gas production  
Topsides 4.0

The industry’s first completely integrated solution for digitalizing offshore Oil and Gas production

In the offshore Oil and Gas sector there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the opportunities presented by digitalization. However, the industry has largely failed to deliver a fully integrated solution that enables operators to address the challenges they face, such as high capital and operating costs, and long cycle times. Recognizing this need and drawing off of our extensive software suite and deep expertise in data analytics, Siemens developed Topsides 4.0 – a comprehensive digital roadmap designed to help offshore operators harness the full power of digital transformation.
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FPSO Vessels

Powering Deepwater Production on FPSOs

Optimizing the lifecycle performance of floating, production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels is highly contingent on the incorporation of topsides packages that can efficiently and reliably deliver the power to exploit resources in a range of water depths and operating conditions. At the same time, offshore operators must be cognizant of reducing emissions and minimizing the weight and footprint of topsides modules, the latter of which can substantially impact facility development costs. 

In recent years, advances in the design and engineering of critical equipment, such as gas turbines, electric motors, and compressors have helped the industry meet these demands. When coupled with digital solutions like Topsides 4.0 designed to leverage the power of data amassed from compression and other critical topsides assets, operators have been able to unlock hidden value and optimize production in a way that has previously not been possible. In addition to reducing capital expenditures, digital solutions enable remote operation with integrated automation and safety systems and can lower operating costs with reduced staffing, predictive analytics, and integrated asset level optimization. 

Solution Overview

Making the digital leap

Topsides 4.0 is a digital lifecycle approach to rotating equipment and electrical and automation systems that begins during the conceptual and design phase of a project with the development of a comprehensive digital roadmap. It is during this time that we evaluate how the operator is using data, where the gaps are, and how to best fill them. With that knowledge, Siemens collaborates with the operator and tailors a solution to meet their specific needs.

Intelligent digital twin

Topsides 4.0 is designed to help offshore operators realize the full potential of Industry 4.0 and overcome the risks that are inherent in offshore projects by reducing capital and operating costs and shortening facility development cycles. This is achieved through digital project management and manufacturing, virtual testing and commissioning, and delivery of an intelligent “Digital Twin” of the topsides facility, which can be used by operators for decision-making support and asset optimization.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Transforming offshore oil and gas production

Digital solutions have long been applied in other industries to improve efficiency and productivity. The oil and gas industry, however, is just starting to begin its digital transformation. In offshore oil and gas production, many operators are beginning to discover the massive potential digitalization has to offer.

In cooperation with Aker BP, Siemens is working to provide condition monitoring analytics for planned maintenance, as well as an integrated control and safety system solution for remote control and monitoring that can improve safety and reduce costs by shifting labor resources from offshore to onshore. 

Data-driven remote condition monitoring optimizes offshore maintenance, reduces costs

As the world’s oil and gas industry strives to expand margins by reducing production costs wherever possible, advanced capabilities enabled by the integration and digitalization of upstream operations can help in substantial ways. One prime example is remote condition monitoring of well-site equipment, especially offshore.


Aker BP deployed remote condition monitoring on its offshore platform, Ivar Aasen in the Norwegian North Sea, in an effort to reduce OPEX costs, increase regularity and improve operations safety.

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An Integrated Approach

Proven solutions brought together in a single, coherent workflow

The foundation of Topsides 4.0 is the workflow and data integration of solutions that Siemens has successfully delivered to the oil and gas industry over many years. Although the integrated approach is new, the digital solutions that comprise it have a proven track record of success.

Harnessing the power of the Digital Twin

Integral to the Topsides 4.0 approach is the creation of an intelligent digital twin, which is constructed in parallel to the physical topsides during the design and build phases of the project. The digital twin’s intelligence derives from the capability to interpret raw data through a variety of analytics, some of which are automated and others that are offered as an OEM service. The automated analytics are independent of an equipment vendor and based on statistical analysis of real-time data from the instrumentation and automation system.  For critical equipment, such as compressors and turbines, this layer of monitoring can be supplemented with OEM-connected services for predictive diagnostics, spare parts management, and outage planning.


The digital twin is more than a design tool; it’s more than a punch list of parts to fabricate, and it’s more than the 3D model. It’s the joining of the physical and digital worlds as the asset moves through the three phases of a project: FEED and design, configure and build, operate and maintain. 



Leverage virtual reality (VR) with COMOS Walkinside

COMOS Walkinside allows operators to create a series of real-life scenarios in which employees can literally see and experience the tasks they will be required to perform. They can virtually look around, listen, practice, and learn operational procedures at zero financial or physical risk to themselves or the operator. For example, maintenance personnel can view where equipment is located, if it is accessible from the floor, or if scaffolding or a crane is necessary, all in a 3D digital space. Using the link with the COMOS platform, they can directly access equipment characteristics, maintenance history, and documentation by clicking through on the equipment in the 3D view.







Financing Solutions

Financing solutions for upstream projects

Let Siemens Financial Services help you move your project forward, so that you can focus on moving oil and gas to key markets. 

Business and financing models

Topsides projects are critical in importance and large in scale to supply the oil and gas value chain. To help you maximize efficiency, Siemens offers several business and financing models, including leasing, debt financing and equity investments for midstream projects, rounding out our Topsides 4.0 offering.  

Products and Solutions

Topsides 4.0 Webinar

Your New Execution Model

This on-demand webinar draws from reference cases to discuss the lessons we've learned and how new business models and integrated teams represent a new way of working in the oil and gas industry.