Gain invaluable insights

PlantSight allows you to experience that moment of knowing – that moment when you have an insight to make a better decision, enabling you to increase asset performance and reduce operating costs. Have one single and complete digital twin for everyone and for every discipline: maintenance, reliability, production, and more. 

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One complete, digital twin for the process industry

Jointly developed for the process industry by Siemens and Bentley Systems, PlantSight brings all this data and information together, contextualizes it, validates it, and visualizes it. It transforms raw data into one complete digital twin. One complete, living digital twin that is continuously updated and which crystallizes that moment of knowing – and opens your eyes to invaluable insights.
User Stories

Invaluable insights for everyone

Experience that moment of knowing - regardless of your role. Plantsight enables you to gain insights, helps you to discover possibilities, make informed decisions faster, and drive the profitability of your plant immediately and in the long run.

See the future of your plants – and take steps to get them there.

As an Operations Manager: You need the opportunity to unveil previously hidden data to get a complete overview of your entire plant. To make better decisions faster: you need to be able to track and compare all your plants worldwide to spot possibilities for improvement – anytime, anywhere. So that you can future-proof your business in the long run.

That is where PlantSight comes in. With features and advantages such as:

Make decisions to get the most out of your plant – and your people.

As a Site Manager: Having a clear overview of your entire plant is everything. One complete, consistent view of your plant that lets you know what is going on at all times – and discover areas for improvement. But, you also need a tool that lets both you and your people work purposefully. So that you can ramp up productivity both immediately and in the long run.

That is where PlantSight comes in. With features and advantages such as:

Develop sound engineering plans which are reliable – and viable.

As an Engineer: You need to see all the data you require in one single data environment – without having to waste time sorting out data and information. You need to see what engineering decisions were made in the past – and why. And you need to see what team members in other disciplines are doing too. So that you can improve engineering and operations – and do it with the peace of mind that you are always working with good data. 

That is where PlantSight comes in. With features and advantages such as:

Realize your tasks – without stress and any unwanted surprises.

As an Operator: You need an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that lets you see and understand everything related to the task at hand. So that you can discover new possibilities, make better operational decisions, and react faster when it comes to unexpected situations. You need a tool which lets you collaborate seamlessly with others and capture changes from the field. And you need a tool that makes doing all that easy – so that you can concentrate on what is truly important.

That is where PlantSight comes in. With features such as:

Invaluable insights at your fingertips

With PlantSight, you can unveil hidden data, enjoy a clear overview of your entire plant – and discover new possibilities.

  • Empowered decisions at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere
  • Different data from different sources in one single portal
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization for your valuable assets

Complete overview of your assets, at your fingertips

PlantSight provides a single portal that brings together all types of information about your assets. Integrate and visualize information from any source and from any type, 1D, 2D and 3D – all updated in real-time. 

  • One single portal to manage your assets – Aggregate information from different data sources from various third party systems.
  • Digital Reliability and Maintenance – Drill down through all levels of information and quickly find the bad actors starting from an overview.
  • Operations excellence - Identify, prioritize, schedule, and perform work based on reliable information and achieve excellence in your operations. 

From overview to detailed view at your fingertips 

PlantSight provides a single portal that enables you to have a complete overview for your fleet of assets 

  • One-stop environment to all information you need – Aggregate information from any type or source, any third party systems
  • Custom to your preferences – Like a modularized solution, define what you need to see: asset health, quality data, maintenance, finance KPIs and more
  • Actionable information - Drill down through all levels of information. Starting from a fleet overview information, drilling down until the single asset status and highlight the bad actors
  • Visibility across the enterprise – Make better and faster decisions, achieve excellence in your operations

Optimize your Production with Simulation  

PlantSight is empowered by XHQ, the software for operations intelligence from Siemens that connects to any data source. With the integration of XHQ and gPROMS Oilfield environment®, a simulation tool from PSE, your production is simulated and optimized.

  • Integrates and contextualizes simulation solutions with engineering and operations data
  • Creates your Simulation Digital Twin - aggregates, organizes, visualizes the data and triggers simulation runs. All via a unique portal
  • Enables rapid re-optimization during periods of operational upset or planned maintenance
  • Predicts and optimizes your process achieving optimal production
PlantSight Digital Twin Cloud Services

See everything, discover new possibilities, work purposefully – and profit.

It’s time: time to experience that moment of knowing. With one complete, living digital twin which crystallizes that lucent moment in which exciting new possibilities become clear in your mind. That “Aha!” moment in which you suddenly understand how everything fits together – know what you need to do next to drive the profitability of your plant, both immediately and in the long run. Simply put: With PlantSight, you gain invaluable insights to advance your plant. Regardless of whether you are its operations manager, site manager, engineer, or operator.