Virtual commissioning of automation solutions

Using the TIA Portal to simulate, validate, and optimize controllers and machines

Commissioning a machine at a customer’s facility is the decisive moment: Are extensive corrections needed, or does everything go as planned? To reduce the risk and effort associated with the actual commissioning, virtually commissioning the machine using PLCSIM Advanced in the TIA Portal offers an efficient alternative. This approach even makes it possible to simulate and optimize the interaction between individual components of entire production lines in a virtual environment.

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Playing it safe

Saving time and money with virtual commissioning

As a general rule, the later an error is found, the more expensive it is to eliminate. For machine builders and plant operators, this means that it’s especially important to start troubleshooting as early as possible in the development process. The objective is to minimize the number of errors that occur during the actual commissioning and ensure that no faults occur. This is now possible thanks to virtual commissioning in the project planning and engineering phases. During this process, planning data like the control program or visualization are validated and optimized in a virtual environment. This approach saves both time and money.
TIA Portal integration

Virtual commissioning in the TIA Portal

With STEP 7 and the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), you can use PLCSIM Advanced to simulate and validate controller functionalities without the actual controllers. In addition, interfaces can be used to simulate interactions with the other components of cells or lines. Our highlight video shows you all the benefits.
Scalable solutions

Virtual commissioning for every requirement

From a controller to an individual machine to extensive production lines: Our range of virtual commissioning solutions enables machine builders and plant operators to achieve the desired results faster and more reliably.

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Simulation in a virtual environment yields real-world benefits

The virtual commissioning of controllers, HMIs, machines, and production lines decreases time and costs, reduces the risk of errors and defects, and achieves the desired results more quickly. With TIA and the TIA Portal as the engineering framework, you have access to all the relevant data on your hardware and the software tools that will enable you to develop, simulate, and optimize in a completely virtual environment. 

We’ll provide you with regular updates with news about the TIA Portal.

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