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SINEC NMS – the all-around Network Management System for industrial networks

As the trend toward greater connectivity rapidly increases the number of network users, industrial networks are becoming increasingly more complex. This produces huge volumes of data – and it also offers enormous potential. Companies that want to fully utilize all the possibilities provided by digitalization in the age of Industrie 4.0 need an efficient Network Management System like SINEC NMS: Turning insights into outlooks.

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SINEC NMS – the Network Management System

Powerful and future-proof

SINEC NMS is a new generation of the Network Management System (NMS) for the Digital Enterprise, one that’s equipped to deal with more and more complex network structures in an increasingly digital world. This system can be used to centrally monitor, manage, and configure networks with 50 to 12,500 devices around the clock. SINEC NMS is therefore the first choice for complex network structures, and it’s paving the way for the digital transformation of industry – in all industries and regardless of network size. The scalability of SINEC NMS means it can grow in parallel as the network becomes larger and more complex.

Managing efficiently with SINEC NMS

New components can be easily integrated into the network, while existing ones can be configured and continuously maintained. The configuration is policy-based so that it can be applied generically to many different components. For large-scale networks in particular, this means major time savings when it comes to configuration and troubleshooting. 


SINEC NMS is divided into two levels to efficiently manage large-scale networks: As the central entity, the control level quickly displays a clear view of the network's overall status. Operations are also managed here. These operation levels, in turn, are distributed throughout the network and implement the configuration settings from the control level on all devices.

  • Comprehensive monitoring for large and complex networks
  • Policy-based configuration of the network infrastructure
  • Central firmware management with topology-based rollout
  • Suitable for multi-sector use in all industries
  • Easy integration of new network components
  • Flexible scalability for required device quantity
  • Continuous maintenance for existing components
  • Quick response if an error occurs
  • Convenient remote network management
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SINEC NMS video at SPS IPC Drives fair 2018

SINEC NMS is the new Network Management System which was first presented by Siemens at the SPS IPC Drives 2018. Networking degree, data volume and complexity of network structures are constantly growing. SINEC NMS masters these challenges in all industries and is flexibly growing with the respective size of networks. Watch here the video podcast:

FCAPS in a nutshell

High standards for challenging requirements

A modern NMS must meet stringent requirements. It not only needs to ensure maximum transparency, scalability, and availability, it also has to offer efficient user management and data security along with general user-friendliness. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) defines everything that an NMS must do today in its FCAPS model. SINEC NMS supports the five pillars defined in the FCAPS model.
  • Fault Management: identify, save, report, and solve any error status that occur
  • Configuration Management: record and manage all components that must be monitored
  • Accounting Management: record network usage
  • Performance Management: gather performance data and maintain statistics
  • Security Management: authenticate users and authorize access and usage
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More than FCAPS

Refining network management

SINEC NMS goes further than FCAPS, and also offers two overarching functions focused especially on industrial demands on networks and rounding out the functions of our NMS.
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SINEC NMS is the central element of our complete portfolio for all aspects of industrial networks, which consists of components, software, trainings, services, and support. Our portfolio covers all network elements. As your partner, we provide expert support to make your communications future-proof.


Network management today – and tomorrow.

Industrial communication networks are becoming more transparent, their operation more user-friendly, and digital data more usable as an economic resource. And modern network management can maximize your benefits.

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