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The software family for all industrial network management functions

Industrial networks are growing more and more complex. Powerful industrial networks aren’t defined by hardware alone – the right network management is essential. The SINEC software family lets you get more out of your network. It offers you scalable software solutions to meet your needs in networks of various sizes in the area of Operational Technology (OT) – with up to tens of thousands of devices. With SINEC you can cover all the necessary applications for every aspect of network management, from initial commissioning of network components, monitoring, and management to using network services for the necessary infrastructure at a central level.

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Boost your network

SINEC software solutions take your industrial network forward. You benefit from greater security and convenience in your network management throughout the entire lifecycle and in every industry. As a result, you can manage more network components in less time, which saves both effort and money.

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Increase the value of your network – with SINEC software solutions

The SINEC software family provides you with a portfolio of solutions you can use to future-proof your network management and make it more effective. Discover our solutions in detail.

Free version for download: SINEC PNI for efficient device commissioning

SINEC PNI makes it quick and easy to commission SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components in your industrial network. Conveniently configure the basic settings to integrate devices into the network and ensure that all new network devices operate seamlessly in the network.

ISO conformance

High standards for challenging requirements

Modern network management needs to meet stringent requirements. Not only it has to ensure maximum transparency, scalability, and availability, but it also has to offer efficient user management and data security along with overall user-friendliness. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) defines everything that network management must do today in its FCAPS model. SINEC software solutions support the five cornerstones defined in the FCAPS model.
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