CloudConnect – fast, simple, and secure

CloudConnect is the first step to profit from the benefits of digitalization. Siemens has the technology to connect all kinds of plants with the cloud.
CloudConnect from Siemens in detail:

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Turn data into added value

Shorter development cycles, higher productivity and improved quality – cloud computing is an important prerequisite to benefit from the benefits of digitalization in industry.

Data is transmitted to the cloud so it can be analyzed there in combination with information from other systems – from Big Data to artificial intelligence.

The basis for data analysis is a collection of information that is relevant and as complete as possible.

Data, which forms the basis for process optimization, is confidential – and must be securely transmitted and stored.

View plant and process statuses from anywhere – cloud technology makes it possible.

Predictive analysis of the relevant data identifies the need for maintenance at an early stage, allowing it to be scheduled as appropriate into the process.

Mutually coordinated stages in the process ensure optimized load distribution.

The evaluation of all quality-relevant parameters helps identify new connections between values measured at the field level and achievable product quality.

Cloud-based analysis of capacity utilization ensures all production resources are put to optimum use.

CloudConnect opens up new opportunities

From sensor to cloud – professionally

All this can work only if the cloud receives valid data from the field. Power consumption, temperature, vibration, traversing speed, and corresponding time curves provide indications of plant conditions and process quality. When combined with further information – such as the type of material used, the specific suppliers or tool condition – this opens up completely new possibilities:

  • Improved product quality through Big Data analysis of all relevant parameters
  • Automatic process optimization through evaluation of movement data and turnover rate of mobile assets
  • Predictive maintenance – through evaluation of key machine or robot metrics to increase availability

CloudConnect connects machine developers, engineers and plant planners to the future – unbelievably simply, quickly, and securely. You can thus profit from forward-looking IIoT applications to suit your own individual requirements.


Simple data transfer to all common cloud platforms

The open Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol is used as the cloud protocol. This established standard enables the transfer of data to MindSphere, the IoT operating system from Siemens, as well as to all common cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Product overview

How to get your data to the cloud – simply, quickly, and securely

Regardless of the type of plant and which installed base you wish to use to transfer your data from the field to the cloud – Siemens has the right products for you.

Professionalism has many facets

From the sensor to the cloud – professionally. CloudConnect also means that users can use existing engineering data. That’s particularly important with existing plants because no changes to the project landscape are required. Integration in the TIA Portal with SIMATIC S7-1500 enables fast and error-free engineering. To reduce data volumes, the transfer can be performed on a cyclical or event-driven basis – always taking into consideration logical plant and machine contexts. For example, if the machine is actually in RUN mode and not just on standby.

Schaeffler Group, Special Machinery Department

Transforming your own business

The Schaeffler Group-owned special machinery department, a globally operating automotive and industrial supplier, is one of the major manufacturers of customized production facilities, also in comparison to the external market. In order to continue to be successful, the special machinery must evolve from pure mechanics to mechatronic systems to IT-integrated solutions.

Scalable solutions adapted to the application

A decisive advantage for Schaeffler is to standardize the global concepts for digitalization and connectivity. For this, data is the key element to generate added value.


As both supplier and part of the customer and operator, Schaeffler has practically unlimited access to all data. Important for the connection to cloud systems are both integrated and complementary solutions for new machines and especially existing installations. However, “production first” always applies – the cycle times of the machines must not be affected. 

Global standards as prerequisite for a comprehensive data model

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CloudConnect in practical use

Identification technology in dialog with the cloud

OPC UA lets modern identification devices communicate with the cloud, making possible entirely new approaches to automation in intralogistics.

A solution that connects

A number of technologies are available for automating goods identification in intralogistics. In mixed operations, human- and machine-readable labels are used alongside RFID for input/output, and RTLS onsite. This brings with it challenges in multi-vendor communications. OPC UA provides a standardized interface and can thus serve as a universal language.

Additional factors for success

Technologies for the industrial network of the future

Siemens offers you further innovative systems, strategies, and services for future-proof communications.

More information

CloudConnect from Siemens in detail

Our trade articles on CloudConnect and related topics offers many ideas that will be of practical value in every industry.

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