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Visualize future

SIMATIC WinCC Unified System – limitless visualization for every application
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The future of visualization starts now!

SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a totally new visualization system you can use to overcome the challenges of digitalization in mechanical engineering and plant construction. All thanks to the latest hardware and software technologies, both now and in the future. It offers proven engineering in the TIA Portal, the latest web technology, high power reserves for the coming years, so you can implement your ideas the way you imagine them.

Seamlessly integrated hardware and software

You can use the new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels and the SIMATIC IPCs to get the most out of the performance offered by WinCC Unified. Thanks to HTML5 and SVG support, the visualization opens up many new opportunities you can use with the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), easily and efficiently. 


You can conveniently scale the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System for all your needs, and thanks to the open interfaces you can enjoy a wide range of opportunities to implement your requirements.

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Highlights from SPS 2019

Felix Kranert, our expert for Human Machine Interfaces, explains in detail the added values of the new visualization system SIMATIC WinCC Unified and the best about Visualize future.
Expert videos

Experience the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

Our experts show you how much fun it can be to work with the new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels and the powerful WinCC Unified software.

Unlimited possibilities for the users

SIMATIC WinCC HMI Unified Comfort Panels with their capacitive multitouch displays (in sizes 7 to 22 inches) offer you all the freedom and possibilities you need to implement your innovative operating concepts. The panels are particularly powerful, allow the installation of apps by their integrated edge functionality and simplify the scaling of operator screens with the vector-based visualization.

WinCC Unified combines the worlds of IT and OT

Thanks to its powerful and open interfaces, WinCC Unified is able to integrate other software tools (e.g. from the IT environment) and to integrate them into one operating concept. This makes WinCC Unified an integration platform for linking data from production with data from the IT world.

Consistent engineering from panel to SCADA system

WinCC Unified allows to freely design user interfaces with a huge variety of graphical features and reusability of all elements. This saves time and money because every design can be used on a panel as well as on a PC system. Thanks to the use of vector-based graphics (SVG), images can be scaled as desired while staying crystal clear. HTML5 support makes it possible to monitor and control machines and plants via mobile devices.

The future of visualization

Discover the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

In addition to the right hardware, the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System comes with a powerful visualization software offering innovative opportunities. Get to know the benefits of the entire system!

Heizomat favors the new WinCC Unified System

The increased performance of the panels has benefits not only for our customers – because they can operate it better – but also for us, because we see more possibilities in it.”
Klaus Regler, Heizomat software developer

Heating control for sustainably produced heat

Heizomat is producing heatings with automatically fed wood and wood chippers for many years. Almost the entire control technology is provided by Siemens, as well as the touch panels for operation of heating systems and machines. 


The new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels provide new possibilities, which improve the devices usability  significantly. It’s also important for Heizomat to have operating panels that can keep up with a heating’s lifetime of 30 years. Moreover, Heizomat appreciates the possibility to run their own apps on the operating panels, even though it isn’t required yet. However, this option increases security of investment because features can be downloaded as easy as with every smartphone. 

WinCC Unified Community

Become part of the WinCC Unified community

The new SIMATIC WinCC Unified System turns the visualization of the future into reality. Be one of the first to learn all about it: As a member of the WinCC Unified Community, you’ll receive information in advance, as well as access to exclusive downloads. Register for free and enjoy the benefits!

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