What makes a digital building even more valuable?

Location-based services for more convenience, safety, efficiency and productivity

An indoor positioning system

Searching for people or mobile assets in large building compounds can be quite an elaborate and tiring task, especially when it is not part of your core responsibilities. With the right combination of people, technology and services, we help you create smart buildings.

A perfect place for more safety and productivity

Location-based services such as navigation using a smartphone are rather common today. They reliably direct people from point A to point B when the way is unfamiliar - regardless of their location. These services are based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). However, GPS doesn't work in most indoor environments because it requires good signal quality, thus ideally an unobstructed line of sight to the satellites. The alternative is an Indoor Positioning System that is able – almost like an indoor GPS – to locate people or objects inside a building. Various technologies are available that Siemens adapts specifically to the customer needs and use case requirements.

Localization within buildings

Two means to the same end

Basically, two different approaches are possible: With the client-based method, the position is calculated by processing the strength of defined signal sources (e.g., Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons) using a smartphone. With the server-based method, a central server is responsible for positioning and tracking people and objects inside the building.
Use Cases

Indoor positioning use case scenarios

Although indoor positioning systems are adapted to the specific customer requirements, there are still some common use cases that illustrate the many benefits of indoor positioning systems, ranging from cost reductions to improved convenience and higher productivity to a significant increase in safety and security.

Perfect for indoors

Indoor positioning makes many things easier. By determining the position of people and assets, you optimize your work processes and increase productivity. At the same time, you increase the comfort and safety of people in the building. In short: Indoor positioning enables more efficient building management as well as and greater comfort and convenience for building users in terms of heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, access and room availability.

Indoor positioning on our customers' premises

Have a look at the customer projects where indoor positioning systems contribute to creating a Perfect Place.