Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂

Automated extinguishing systems with natural agents

Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂ extinguishing systems use natural agents and offer fast and reliable extinguishing without harming the environment. In addition, the extinguishing systems with natural agents can be precisely tailored to the applications, requirements and risks of fire thanks to their high flexibility regarding system planning and design.

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About Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂

Extinguishing systems with natural agents – nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide

Sinorix systems with natural agents extinguish fire efficiently and environmentally friendly. In addition, fires are extinguished quickly keeping the equipment within the protected area safe. Even after the extinguishing process, the usage of natural agents proves to be beneficial thanks to easy refilling, which results in a fast recommissioning of the system.
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Typical applications

Technical overview


Extinguishing agent/system

– Nitrogen and argon: 200- and 300-bar technology
– Carbon dioxide: 56-bar technology

Piping network

– Galvanized steel pipes

Storage of extinguishing agents

– Nitrogen and argon: gas
– Carbon dioxide: liquid
– VdS-approved system
– VdS-approved calculation software
– Additional approvals such as CNPP, LPCB

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