Get connected to the cloud with Connect X300

siemens building products cloud gateway X300

Cloud gateway for secure remote access to the buildings 

The Connect X300 gateway is designed to connect building devices to cloud applications such as Building Operator or Cerberus Cloud Apps through the internet. The device offers multi-protocol support including BACnet, Modbus, FCnet or C-WEB and easy commissioning to connect a wide range of both Siemens and third-party building products quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

Get the data out of the building thanks to cloud connectivity

Connect X300 ensures cloud connectivity via ethernet network and allows the smart selection of relevant data points from field devices e.g. building automation controllers, sensors, meter, and fire control panels. Thanks to its edge technology, it pre-processes data locally before sending it to the cloud. There the data is utilized by cloud applications such as Building Operator or Cerberus Cloud Apps.

Easy commissioning

Installation and commissioning made easy

Would you like to get the data out of the building to digitalize your service business, but you do not have any in-house IT professionals?  With the Connect X300 cloud gateway its very easy because there is no need for additional servers, software or network management. Additionally software updates and security patches will be done automatically. 

Connect to what?

Cloud applications to digitalize your service business

Technical specifications

Explore the Connect X300 Technology

The robust industrial design of Connect X300 ensures a continuous cloud connectivity

Connect X300 provides two integration levels to connect devices to the cloud:

  • System integration (between the Connect X300 and the devices) 
  • Cloud integration (between the Connect X300 and the cloud)

A broad range of devices can be integrated on the system level (Desigo, Cerberus PRO, Sinteso, third-party systems). It supports various protocols (BACnet, Modbus, C-WEB, FCnet) and various physical media (Ethernet, serial EIA-485 bus). The device supports Ethernet, 3G, 4G on the cloud level.


Do you want to connect?

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