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The Grid Edge is the new center of energy systems - it's where the consumer, prosumer and the intelligent grid interact. The way we generate, consume, store and share energy is being transformed. The main drivers for this transition are energy efficiency, decentralization and the global drive for decarbonization: increased sustainability. All these ambitions are determined by digitalization. This transformation enables the emergence of new business models and entails the opportunities for stakeholders across the entire energy value chain. We at Siemens offer various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions at the Grid Edge that coordinate the generation, storage and consumption of electric energy. They open-up new opportunities for all players involved. With our customers, we create complete solutions across hardware and software, and we seamlessly integrate them into real life operations.

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Siemens technologies, products, services, and solutions provide power producers, grid operators, power utilities, industrial companies, and municipalities with what it takes to tackle challenges such as the steady increase of distributed energy systems, the need to integrate renewable energy, and the aging of grid infrastructures. The Siemens experts, who are also available through, are always happy to support you in your individual approach toward managing such tasks. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss ways to reach your aims economically and in the best way possible despite increasing complexity, this way paving the way to a successful future.