Virtual testing of SIPROTEC 5 protection devices in the cloud

Engineering tool for protection -  SIPROTEC DigitalTwin

SIPROTEC DigitalTwin

The SIPROTEC DigitalTwin is real time digital replica of a physical SIPROTEC 5 device including interfaces, functionality and algorithms. The new innovative cloud based SIPROTEC DigitalTwin offers comprehensive test of your SIPROTEC 5 devices as part of the energy automation system with high efficiency, performance, security and availability 24/7 from everywhere without any hardware. Three steps to success: 1 - Upload your engineering data and your automated test cases. 2 - Simulate and test your energy automation system in the cloud. 3 - Get test reports of your engineered system

Features & functions

Virtual testing of SIPROTEC 5 protection devices in the cloud - SIPROTEC DigitalTwin


Device operation

  • Device view
  • Operating via SIPROTEC 5 operation panel
  • Testing all protection algorithms
  • Testing of automation logic (CFC)
  • Interaction of several devices

Analog values

  • Injection currents and voltages
  • Setting of equal amplitudes for 3 phases
  • Settings of the symmetrical phases
  • Automatically calculation of  I4 and V4
  • Definition of binary and analog profiles

Binary Inputs and Outputs

  • Overview of available inputs and outputs
  • Display status of in-/ and outputs and
    the life contact
  • Setting of inputs
  • Definition of binary and analog profiles
  • Numbering according DIGSI 5 e.g. BO 3.2


Applications - SIPROTEC DigitalTwin
  • Training of device handling
  • Process Data Simulation
  • Test of protection functions, automation-logic and customer specific applications
  • Test of the SIPROTEC 5 functionality within the energy automation system
  • Online Testing wth the engineering tool DIGSI 5
  • Integration in substation automation systems SICAM PAS, SICAM PQS and SICAM SCC
  • IEC 61850 GOOSE communication between devices e.g. interlockings
Applications - SIPROTEC DigitalTwin


Testing of the energy automation system within minutes, without hardware and without additional effort.

  • Simulation and validation of product properties
  • Faster energization of new systems thanks to shorter project lifetimes
  • Reduced OPEX with shorter outages for higher availability thanks to better pre-testing (incl. patches)
  • Efficient, scalable trainings on the job
  • Fast and realistic fault analysis by easily reproducing the behavior of products and systems.


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