The perfect solution for simple servo applications


The SINAMICS V70 servo converter is primarily designed for controlling standard applications of turning and milling machines. It enables precision and efficiency of the machines through bus communication with the CNC control 808D ADVANCED, 3-fold overload capability and the 20-bit absolute encoder with high resolution in the feed motors SIMOTICS S-1FL6 and the main spindle motors SIMOTICS M-1PH1. Together, the products result in optimally matched axis packages.

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SINAMICS V70 with SIMOTICS S-1FL6 - advantages and fields of application

The small servo for standard applications in machine tools

The solution is particularly well suited for positioning tasks such as in conjunction with PLC systems: Stacking and destacking of magazines, cycles of rotary tables, cycles of conveyor belts, feed axes and other transport devices, control of simple interpolating axes, positioning of servo valves, positioning of adjustment axes, positioning of feed axes in simple machine tools.

SINAMICS V70 with 1FL6 - Technical basic data

The small servo converter for machine tools

Servo converter SINAMICS V70

Output voltage range  speed
0,8 - 15 kW for the supply voltage
Performance range
3AC 220 - 240 V -15% / +10%
Controller / Control
Servo control (via pulse/direction interface from higher-level control)

Servomotoren SIMOTICS S-1FL6

Rated speed
3000 rpm (<=0.75kW), 2000 rpm (>0.75kW)
Rated power
3 AC 380V - 480V (-15% / +10%) / 0.4 – 7kW
Rated torque
1.9 – 40 Nm

Main spindle motor SIMOTICS M-1PH1

Rated speed
1000 rpm, 1500 rpm
Rated power
3 AC 380V - 480V (-15% / +10%) / 3.7 – 15kW
Rated torque
24 - 105 Nm
Supplementary system components

The powerpack for the SINUMERIK 808

With SINAMICS V70 and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motors, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is optimally designed for the requirements of standard machines.

Small and strong

SINAMICS V70 as inverter for SINUMERIK turning and milling machines. The compact, fanless design of the single-axis motor modules ensures maximum robustness. The motor modules can be adapted to the requirements of the feed axes by setting only a few parameters. The SINAMICS V70 drive system is optimally complemented by SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors, SIMOTICS M-1PH1 spindle motors and the corresponding cables.


Easy to configure and order

Configure and order your SINAMICS V70

You can use the Siemens Drive Configurator to configure the SINAMICS V70 frequency converter quickly and easily and then order it via the IndustryMall.

Quick and easy configuration and ordering of SINAMICS V70

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