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Monday 25 March 2019


We know some of our customers are concerned about Brexit, and what will happen if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.


The UK is expected to leave the European Union on 13 April without a deal or on 22 May with a deal. However there is still uncertainty about what will happen afterwards and what that means for business and cross-border EU-UK commerce.


In particular, it is unclear if there will be a transitional period, during which time there will be minimal change while the EU and UK carry on negotiating, or, alternatively, a so-called ‘No Deal’ scenario. If it is the latter, trade between the UK and EU would then become subject to tariffs and new customs and regulatory requirements.


Like other businesses, Siemens has urged political leaders to reach an agreement and to give business enough time to prepare for any change.


But we are also taking steps to ensure business continuity in the event of a more disruptive Brexit outcome.


These preparations are being given the highest priority and overseen by our Board of Directors. Steps include: resource planning; reviewing and where necessary adjusting our systems and processes; and working with our supply chain in order to minimise disruption to our operations.


We hope that a political agreement on Brexit will emerge soon but we will be prepared for potential disruption.  In addition, as a global company we already supply goods and services to customers around the world and will adapt as necessary in this case.  Our priority will always be supporting our customers to the highest of standards.


We will continue to keep customers or suppliers informed and are happy to answer any further questions. Please contact your local account manager if you would like to discuss this further or visit our Contact Us page.


Last updated: 25 March 2019