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Safe, secure, sustainable buildings and infrastructure

The Building Technologies Division is a leading provider of life-critical security, fire safety and energy management solutions. With a 76-year pedigree, we assist organisations in managing and maintaining a culture of security, adhering to stringent health and safety regulations and the importance of achieving green credentials.

What we do

We create safe, controlled environments, delivering first-rate protection for people, processes and assets, maximising energy efficiency. This involves the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of advanced technology solutions that improve the economic operation of our customers’ infrastructure, maintain business continuity, manage risk, consolidate resources, control energy costs and achieve carbon reduction commitments.


We build long term partnerships by understanding our customers’ business objectives and supporting their requirement to create value for their client base. We work closely to gain insight into their energy management, life safety and security procedures and identify short and long term strategic goals to develop the right solution. We can then define a common objective, plan a technology migration path, recognise potential cost savings and set targets for system performance.


Our customers include: leading commercial organisations; manufacturers; transport operators; utilities; property owners and developers; local authorities; police authorities; retailers; healthcare; hospitality and education.


Siemens’ technical leadership and extensive investment in research and development ensures our product portfolio remains innovative. Our designs range from non-complex modular systems in the standalone disciplines of energy management, fire safety and electronic security, to fully integrated and networked solutions.


Our lifecycle and service portfolio is designed to help customers meet their challenges and ensure a high level of system reliability whilst keeping costs down.

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