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Our daily lives depend on a steady supply of affordable electricity. Our Energy Management Division is committed to meeting this energy challenge through the supply of products, systems, solutions, and services for the economical, reliable, and intelligent transmission and distribution of electrical power.

We develop innovative solutions which have the potential to cope with the new challenges our energy systems worldwide are facing. This includes a growing range such as the efficient transmission of bulk volumes of green power over long distances, enabling dedicated power exchange between power grids and connecting micro grids with the main grids.

A further challenge is to maximise the intelligence we have to put into our distribution power grid. Our Digital Grid business develops and delivers innovative smart metering services and solutions for the electricity, gas and water markets. We provide cutting edge technology to enhance our customers’ operational system to deliver the flexible networks of the future.

Through Energy Automation, Energy Management can provide intelligent power supply systems for the entire energy value chain from generation to industry with a portfolio covering protection, substation automation and micro grid solutions. Our Transmission Solutions business can provide complete turnkey solutions for major grid connection projects, with a proven track record with major projects in the offshore wind, HVDC interconnector and transmission network markets.

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Energy Management

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