Our business

Efficient and integrated transportation

Modern, interconnected and IT-based mobility is the core competency of Mobility's five business units.

What we do

From delivering and servicing trains for use in the UK, to intelligent signalling and traffic systems, our mission is to help get people and goods to where they need to go. Our solutions improve and support rail and road traffic flow in congested urban and inter-urban areas, as well as connecting our cities. Our innovation in mobility makes our cities more liveable and appealing, by making them more efficient and environmentally-friendly, and improving their transport network performance reliability. 

Our portfolio includes: 

• Rail vehicles – we cover everything from trams to light rail vehicles, commuter trains to high speed trains 
• Signal and control technology for rail-based passenger and freight traffic 
• Electrification solutions for rail and charging solutions for electric vehicles 
• Maintenance and service of rail and roadside infrastructure and rail vehicles 
• Road traffic signals, traffic control, management and information systems, road safety and enforcement systems, congestion charging and toll systems 
• Consulting, planning, financing, construction and operation of turnkey mobility systems 
• 20,000 man hours of industry training offered each year through the National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR)

Mobility Solutions


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