Supporting our customers through the Covid-19 situation

We are here to help

Siemens is continuously monitoring all aspects of the Covid-19 situation and taking measures to protect its employees whilst still continuing to support customers. The health, safety and well-being of our employees is always our highest priority and we also consider it our duty to act responsibly and do our part to protect society.


We’re doing everything we can to maintain operations at our production plants and continue service on our customer sites. This is particularly important in areas where we provide products and services for vital infrastructure. These critical projects will take priority and we’re working on making sure business operations continue. 


We’ve put additional measures in place throughout our business to protect our people, which you can read more about below or by talking to your Siemens account manager


We are talking regularly with our customers, suppliers and employees as the situation progresses and are reviewing business continuity plans and operational plans daily. 


Moving towards our new normal

Recent government guidance recommends that employees who cannot work from home, start to come back into work. At Siemens many of our sites have continued to operate with additional precautions and social distancing in place but we expect that over the coming weeks more and more employees will begin to come back into the workplace. This may be full time or occasionally for meetings or shifts, depending on their role. To help with this, please find below a selection of our Siemens risk assessments.  These documents show the steps and safety measures we have put in place to protect our people. If you have any urgent questions please contact RC-GB EHS

Selected measures already implemented


We’re keeping our employees up-to-date with the latest guidance. Our employees are aware of the need for social distancing and we are regularly reminding them about additional precautions and hygiene measures.


There’s currently no general travel ban at Siemens but we are asking employees to only travel only for ‘business critical’ projects.  This is being reviewed locally on a case-by-case basis. Non-urgent meetings have been replaced by conference calls or similar options. 

Mobile work

Many of our Siemens employees are now working from home, where possible, until further notice. Remote tools and technology allow for many to do this with limited disruption. Our operational and manufacturing employees (aside from those deemed as vulnerable or high risk) are continuing to work on site with additional health and safety precautions in place.


Siemens has established business continuity plans for each of our UK sites. It’s our intention to continue business operations as usual, with additional precautions. We’re working together with our employees to help keep them safe and are following the advice and precautions set out by Public Health England.

Flexible working

Siemens plc already operates a flexible working policy, but with school closures in the UK & I and other potential demands on those that are caring for relatives, there is additional pressure. We’re working with our managers to support our employees through this. We aim to be as flexible as we can, whilst at the same time supporting our customers through these challenges.