Siemens Wythenshawe factory floor

Welcome to Wythenshawe

We provide safe and intelligent low voltage power distribution equipment from end-to-end.

Welcome to Wythenshawe. We have a long and rich history of manufacturing excellence. 

The first consumer unit was built here, and now Siemens Wythenshawe is home to the leading low voltage electrical equipment for commercial, industrial and multi-residential use. We are the Siemens- designated site for designing and building British Standard low-voltage equipment.  


Starting life as ‘The Wylex Works’ in 1934, Siemens Wythenshawe has set the standard for low voltage electrical equipment from the beginning. “Wylex built quality” is a message that the site still lives by. 

Our products meet British Standards

They are designed, tested and built at Wythenshawe and sold in all British Standard territories, globally.  

Now, we are experts in low-voltage electrical distribution boards, panel boards and main switchboards, creating solutions with the contractor in mind. We use our own design, engineering, test and verification facilities, including an onsite ASTA-accredited lab, to ensure performance reliability and product quality.


These include Sivacon S4, and Alpha BSI, BSII, and BSIII, part of our range of low-power distribution systems – from primary power generation equipment through to 13A sockets. Our expert team, many of whom joined as apprentices, build these custom boards, which provide consistent distribution and control underpinned by robust reliability and safety measures.


We are proud of our long-standing manufacturing heritage, but now our focus is firmly on the future – boosting productivity, driving growth and delivering the latest in low voltage innovation, while rapidly reducing our reliance on carbon.

We create standard and custom solutions, designed with the consultant and contractor in mind

British Standard 61439 – Low Voltage Distribution Systems

Consistent, safe, and intelligent low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology

Our comprehensive portfolio for low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology covers every requirement – from switchgear to the socket.

Sustainability drives innovation

Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges we face today and sustainability is now at the core of everything we do.

  • We’re re-assessing our energy efficiency, leading to changes in our lighting and heating configuration, and in our use of machinery. As a result, we’ve seen a significant decrease in our electricity consumption.
  • We’ve installed solar panels, which now supply up to 12% of our power.
  • We’ve reduced our landfill waste down to less than 3%, turning non-recyclable waste into energy, with plans to reduce this to zero.  


But that’s not all. Our project to use biomass fuel will reduce Siemens Wythenshawe’s gas emissions by 80%. We’re installing EV charging points across our site. And we’re always looking for more opportunities to be sustainable, whether by using more efficient ovens, replacing our building’s windows or creating green spaces on our site.


Ultimately, we want to work smarter and more sustainably. We’ve been an integral part of the Wythenshawe community for over 80 years and we’ll continue to have a positive impact on our local area long into the future.

At Siemens Wythenshawe, we deliver innovative, high quality hardware to our customers by supporting and celebrating our skilled team and by driving sustainable growth. We transform the everyday, to create a better tomorrow.


Did you know? 

  • The first consumer unit was built at Wythenshawe

  • The site has been operational for over 80 years, starting life as the ‘Wylex Works’

  • During World War II, the side made miniature microphone switches & sockets for airmen's helmets

  • Wythenshawe began making miniature circuit breakers in 1965, colour-coded to match fuse ratings 


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