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We make science, technology, engineering and maths come to life in the classroom. Investigate potential careers and apprenticeship opportunities at Siemens UK and keep up to date with STEM-based activities events and challenges for schools and pupils.

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As a pioneering world leader with 24 main sites employing 13,760 people in the UK, we are dedicated to helping enrich and enhance teaching and learning and to nurturing engineering talent for the future. Here you will find curriculum lesson plans, interactive resources, insights into STEM careers and information about challenges and events.

Cybersecurity Challenge

Try our new Cybersecurity Challenge and help catch the cyber criminal! Designed to support computing for students aged 12+ these resources are an interactive way of learning about keeping yourself and others safe online.

When it comes to careers, two thirds of parents don’t want their children to follow in their footsteps – are you one of them?


We spoke to 1,500 parents to better understand the types of careers they actively encouraged their children to pursue – find out more here.




New Ingenious Engineering App

New Ingenious Engineering App

Using our new augmented reality app, you will discover how ingenious engineering is impacting individuals, society and the environment. Use the accompanying poster to bring technology to life and explore engineering in action. Download the app from the Android or Apple store.


Visit out Teachers Page to find out more. 

Siemens and The Wildlife Trusts Lesson Plans

KS3/S1&2 – science and technology   

Siemens, in partnership with The Wildlife Trusts, is aiming to help students learn more about their environment and the affects that human actions can have.

By sharing the knowledge and expertise of our partner charity, The Wildlife Trusts, and using Siemens’ technological know-how on topics such as carbon reduction and sustainable cities, this resource will help students understand that these topics do not sit in isolation from each other and demonstrate how solutions that benefit both humanity and nature are possible.


  • To understand the interrelationship of the systems and cycles in the natural world
  • To understand the consequences of human development on different aspects of life in the UK
  • To understand how STEM subjects can be utilised to reduce or eradicate these impacts
  • To understand how you can make a personal contribution to these issues.

Teachers' notes

More resources and events

Can you program a self-driving car? The future of mobility is digital…with self-driving vehicles, where passengers can be transported from one place to another, without a driver.

Learn about self-driving cars and artificial intelligence with the Siemens Self-Driving Challenge here, with classroom resources to support pupils to learn about coding, robotics and autonomous technology.  

Earn a 3D CAD digital badge by learning how to create a design in 3D using Siemens Solid Edge software. We provide you with a 3D model of a phone and you design a stand for it. The stand could be 3D printed, folded from cardboard, metal or plastic, machined from a solid piece or injection moulded – it is your design, you decide!

Siemens' DIY Science videos are bite-sized experiments that are perfect for sparking curiosity and designed to demonstrate that engineering is everywhere and anyone can be an engineer!

Siemens are the first engineering company in the UK to launch their own unique STEM-skills programme with digital badges, based on the Siemens award-winning STEM education portal resources. Learn more.

There are currently 9 digital badges to be earned – and anyone can earn them! You can now earn a badge by having a fun day out at a theme park or a science festival and recording it in your Curiosity Passport.

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Siemens Education and leading qualification body OCR have formed a partnership to bring you education resources for 14-16 year olds. Discover how this curriculum will enable teachers across the UK to deliver STEM subjects that will inspire the next generation of engineers:


Download: Cambridge Nationals in Engineering: A project approach to delivery


Download: Cambridge Technicals Level 3: Automation, Systems and Control Pathway in conjunction with Siemens Plc. A project approach to delivery - Wind Turbine Control