The Curiosity Project

The UK is great at engineering, but there is a problem: there aren’t enough young people studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and going on to become engineers. Siemens is an engineering company, so it’s in our interest to do something about that! The Curiosity Project is Siemens’ UK–wide engagement programme, aimed at inspiring young people and bringing engineering-related subjects to life. You can get excited about the world of engineering by visiting science museums and festivals where you can meet real engineers, or you bring science to the kitchen table and discover the wonders of science and engineering with our ‘DIY Science’ videos on Youtube! . For schools, we have an extensive education programme, providing free, stimulating and curriculum-linked resources that bring STEM education to life.

DIY Science videos

Our series of bite-sized DIY science videos which are a great way to get parents and children involved in science and engineering. These experiments really bring science and engineering to life and show that anyone can be an engineer or a scientist!


Inspiring the next generation

Visit science museums and festivals, meet some real engineers through our blog and videos, or join a science club or enter an engineering challenge.

The best place to spark curiosity is right at your kitchen table. Have fun with science together at home with out fun and easy DIY Science activities that the whole family can do, using materials from around the house.


Curiosity Project partner - Greenpower

We’re proud to support the Greenpower Educational Trust who aim to inspire young people to excel in science, technology, engineering and maths through a unique challenge to design, build and race an electric car! Teams of students aged 9 to 25 from across the UK (and further afield) compete at Greenpower events. Last year, 637 UK teams – which equates to around 10,000 young people - took part.


Greenpower aims to encourage as many young people as possible to consider engineering as a possible career path, so the Curiosity Project specifically provides a bursary scheme whereby selected schools, irrespective of background or ability, can participate in Greenpower. These are schools that may otherwise not have had the opportunity or means to participate. By offering discounts on car kits, dedicated Siemens support with the design and build process and financial support with attending races, 8 schools and over 120 children took part in the bursary scheme in 2018, becoming fully immersed and enthusiastic about the challenge.   

How to build an electric car

A Greenpower project with Siemens and students of Bolton UTC.

Curiosity Project partner - Edinburgh Science

Edinburgh Science (formerly known as Edinburgh International Science Festival) was the world’s first celebration of science and technology and is still one of Europe’s largest, delivering two weeks of sensational science through an innovative and inspiring programme themed around building better worlds.

Siemens partners with Edinburgh Science to take one of the fantastic activities from the programme, out and about around the UK.  The Touring Gadget Factory is allows children aged 8 upwards to investigate and explore how everyday gadgets work and provides the chance to build their very own gadget! After grasping the basics of creating an electronic circuit, participants then pick their electronic components and use their skills to assemble their very own working electronic gadget to take home.

Curiosity Project partner - The Princes Teaching Institute

The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) is an independent education charity established by HRH The Prince of Wales. The PTI believes that all children, irrespective of background or ability, deserve to be taught by passionate, knowledgeable teachers, because these teachers are the key to unlocking curiosity and ambition, potentially transforming a young person’s life.

Siemens is delighted to partner with the PTI to support science subject streams. This sponsorship allows over a thousand state secondary school teachers to benefit from the PTI programmes, inspiring more effective and challenging teaching. Siemens’ funding will support attendance at the bi-annual PTI Teacher Residentials, as well as the flagship Schools Programme which provides a national support network that encourages teachers to go the extra mile to engage, challenge and motivate their students, thereby raising aspirations.