Siemens is dedicated to enhancing teaching, learning and employability in schools across the UK, with the use of contexts from our work to provide materials that present realistic challenges. Sparking your children's interest outside of the classroom, we want help you to support their curiosity and prepare them for a technology-led future. Explore the information to find out what opportunities are available and what STEM could mean for your child.

Find out more about engineering careers

What is engineering?

Simply put, engineering is what makes much of our modern life possible.

Engineers combine knowledge with creative thinking to design technologies that solve problems in almost all aspects of society: from food production to medical equipment that lets us live longer to digital and space technologies. If science and maths help us understand life and the universe, then engineering puts that knowledge to work in exciting and practical ways.

There’s a huge demand for engineers in the UK – that means great prospects and job security for young people entering the sector. Engineering companies are some of the top ranked UK employers thanks to the great benefits, training and professional development opportunities they offer.

There’s also a wide range of qualification options to suit all learning styles and interests – from apprenticeships to university degree.  

The Siemens Education portal is a unique way of reaching young people who are interested in engineering. We’re passionate about showing aspiring girls and boys that working in areas such as high-value manufacturing can lead to a solid and long-term career.
Juergen Maier, Chief Executive of Siemens plc.

A future in STEM?

At Siemens we understand that it can be challenging for parents and carers to find ways of supporting the education of young people at home. We believe that all young people should be given the opportunity to explore their interests and discover their talents. These resources have been designed to support you in guiding your child through a range of STEM topics, to engage them and spark an interest in STEM subjects.

Want to inspire your son or daughter?

Visit science museums and festivals, meet some real engineers through our blog and videos, or join a science club or enter an engineering challenge.

The best place to spark curiosity is right at your kitchen table. Have fun with science together at home with out fun and easy DIY Science activities that the whole family can do, using materials from around the house.


Parents want their kids to work hard and do a job they really enjoy, according to new research from Siemens.

Siemens polled 1,500 parents to better understand the types of careers they actively encouraged their children to pursue. When asked which sectors they would like to see their children working in, engineering and manufacturing came top, voted for by 27% of Mums and 21% of Dads.

The top five jobs roles that parents want for their children
1.    Engineering and manufacturing
2.    Computers & coding
3.    Accountancy, banking and finance
4.    Healthcare
5.    IT

They also rated happiness as being more important than success, with over 80% of mums and dads highlighting that happiness was the most important factor when considering their children’s future. Being kind, honest and hardworking were also voted higher priorities than securing a good career, earning lots of money and getting lots of pay rises and promotions.  

What the poll shows is that parents want their kids to work hard and do a job they really enjoy. It is great to see that engineering tops Mum’s choices and shows how the industry’s efforts to engage young people are having a positive impact. The research shows that engineering is shedding its image as a job undertaken by men on a factory floor and people are now seeing how those types of roles will really shape the future.  

Three of our young engineers talk about starting their careers and what got them interested in engineering: