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The mission of the Infinity STARship (S.T.A.R. standing for Sustainable Technology Autonomous Robots) is to use STEM knowledge and skills to help Earth and other planets across the universe achieve a more sustainable way of living. 


As part of the Infinity STARship crew, you will be trained in STEM by using interactive games in the Arcade, trying out quizzes in the Quiz Centre, learning from Siemens earthlings in the Wonder Wall, and watching the SeeMe show in the Auditorium. Once you have finished exploring, you can learn how to complete your training on Earth as a Siemens employee in the Careers Bay.


What are you waiting for? Enter the Infinity STARship and join our mission... 


If you are looking for a specific resource within the ship, or if you have photo-sensitive epilepsy, please scroll down to our Student Zone Resources. 

Enter the Infinity STARship

To enter the Infinity STARship and join the crew's mission to use STEM for good, press the Launch Pad button. 


If you are a teacher or a home-schooler, and are interested in how the Infinity STARship works and what is included, please download the Teachers' Resource by clicking on the link below: 


Teachers' Resource 

Launch Pad

Mission 2: Decarbonisation

Join the STARship crew on their first inter galactic mission as they travel to Planet X. Press the Launch Pad button bellow to launch! 


If you are a teacher or a home-schooler, and are interested in how this Decarb Resource works and what is included, please download the Teachers' Resource by clicking below:


Teachers' Resource

Launch Pad
Student Zone Resources

Interactive Games, Quizzes, and More

Interactive Games

Explore the world of STEM through our interactive games! 

STEM Activity Magazine

Explore the new Siemens STEM activity magazine!


Test your knowledge of  STEM with these fun pop quizzes!

DIY Science

Anyone can be an engineer or scientist with our DIY Science video series, using materials from around the house!

NX Student Edition

Download your FREE NX software and kickstart your design career today!


Siemens NX CAD/CAM software is the leading technology in the automotive, aerospace and electronic industries.


Get started with Siemens NX by downloading your copy of Siemens NX Student Edition and gain access to hundreds of hours of online training and tutorials. Designed for all students aged 13+.



The Siemens SeeMe project aims to inspire and motivate young people to pursue STEM careers and challenge stereotypes.


Watch one of our SeeMe (formerly known as SeeWomen) shows here:

Work Experience and Insight Programme

Want to learn more about engineering at Siemens? Take part in one of our work experience placements schemes or complete our Siemens Insight Programme.


Find out more about work experience at Siemens: 


Discover a career in engineering