Decarbonisation Mission

STARship Decarbonisation and Climate Change Mission

Join the STARship crew on their mission across Planet X as they discover the damage caused by climate change 
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Decarbonisation and Climate Change Mission Trailer

Enjoy the trailer for our STARship decarbonisation mission now! 

The STARship mission (S.T.A.R. standing for Sustainable Technology Autonomous Robots) is to use STEM knowledge and skills to help Earth and other planets across the universe achieve a more sustainable way of living. 


As part of the Infinity STARship crew, you will be trained in STEM by using interactive games in the Arcade, trying out quizzes in the Quiz Centre, learning from Siemens earthlings in the Wonder Wall, and watching the SeeMe show in the Auditorium. Once you have finished exploring, you can learn how to complete your training on Earth as a Siemens employee in the Careers Bay.


This Decarb Resource is an extension of our Infinity STARship platform which has been hugely popular with Teachers' and Students in the past.  If this is your first experience with the Siemens Education resources we highly recommend you also visit the STARship to experience where the journey began.

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To enter the Infinity STARship and join the crew's mission to use STEM for good, press the Launch Pad button. 


If you are a teacher or a home-schooler, and are interested in how the Infinity STARship works and what is included, please download the Teachers' Resource by clicking on the link below: 


Teachers' Resource 

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