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Flight Lab

Flight Lab


Flight School

Flight school is an interactive activity that gives you an introduction to the history of flight and how technology has developed to make flying what it is today. 


Flight Challenge

Flight challenge is an interactive activity that takes you on an adventure, providing you with challenging scenarios, each requiring a different type of plane. Your mission is to build the plane most suitable for each challenge.


Flight Arcade 

Now that you have mastered the principles of flight, you are ready to put your skills to the test in Flight Arcade. This game lets you adjust the thrust, angle and duration, to carry your plane over to the landing strip.



Additional Resources


Looking for a way to support your students further? Each of our Interactive Games have curriculum linked schemes of work to accompany them.

Linking to both the Science and Design and Technology KS3 curricula, these resources explore the concepts of aerodynamics, forces and movementy, and introduce students to exciting Digital Twin technology. 

This combined resource contains worksheets for several topics within the KS3 Geography curriculum relating to Green Cities and Air Quality. Topics include: Weather and Climate; Population; Urban Environments and Pollution; and Sustainable Growth and Technology

Learn about bacteria, viruses and how we can control their spread through public safety measures and smart building technology. 

Siemens Energy Island is a cross curriculum interactive game designed for KS3 and KS4 students to develop knowledge across Maths, Science and Technology. Students are required to select an energy plan for the energy island from several technologies. As well as making decisions about how to provide energy students need to consider the pollution, reliability and storage of their solution.

Energy Island was inspired by Samsø an island off the coast of Denmark. Watch this video to discover how Samsø became energy-independent.

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Dress the Site Worker interactive game is designed for KS2 students to develop their understanding of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Linked to this interactive game are a series of KS2 National Curriculum linked activities which take students through various forms of energy generation and explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy generation.

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Designing the Future is an interactive game designed for students to discover the manufacturing process and how digitalisation is making our factories smarter. This resource aims to contextualise computer-aided design (CAD) within current engineering practice and digital technologies, by following the development of a new product. This resource can be used in parallel with the Siemens NX design and make software. Download NX Student Edition.

The Human Body is our most popular online resource. The supporting resources for The Human Body interactive game is designed to support teaching of the KS2 science national curriculum. Use this interactive game to help students discover more about the skeleton-muscular system, the digestive system and the circulatory system. 

The Siemens Driverless Car Challenge aims to supplement robotics education in Computing, and Design & Technology lessons at KS3. Contextualising robotics as part of the future drive towards autonomous vehicle technology, this resource consists of three classroom activities used in conjunction with the micro:bit programming platform.

Lean Machines is linked to the curriculum for KS3 Technology and can be used to help students understand the principles of ‘lean’ manufacturing and ‘just in time’ production. The Lean Machines interactive game was developed in collaboration with MINI and allows students to explore the characteristics of a production system and how to make it more efficient. 

Formula for Thrills is an interactive game designed to support the science and mathematics national curriculum for students in KS3 and KS4. Students are required to implement their problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills to design a rollercoaster to meet a set of pre-defined requirements. In level 3 of Formula for Thrills students will need to use ideas about gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy to calculate the speed of the rollercoaster at various positions on the track.

Designed to complement the KS3 science curriculum, Energy Farm introduces students to the opportunities and challenges presented by different energy technologies. Students are required to implement an energy system that meets the demand whilst minimising the cost and environmental impact. 

Life without STEM interactive game and resources have been developed to aid learning in KS2. The interative game uses five scenarios to provide teachers with a topical and engaging tool for exploring how ideas, developments and discoveries in STEM subjects have changed and improved the world we live in.

The Ingenious Engineering Augmented Reality (AR) app was developed to complement the design and technology national curriculum requirements for students in KS3. Ingenious Engineering is a fun and engaging way for students to learn more about inventions and innovations in engineering. Using the app, look at the Ingenious Engineering poster or CT scanner t-shirt and discover a series of AR animations and explainations of Siemens technology. As students complete the supporting worksheets they can explore the impact of automation, digitalisation and electrification on individuals, society and the environment.