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Explore energy generation with KB2 and REG!

Play the Keadby2 interactive game: Get Ready For Work!

Interactive Game

Siemens is partnering with SSE to deliver a new power station in the heart of Lincolnshire - Keadby2 . As part of this project Siemens has developed a set of resources aiming to educate KS2 students about what Siemens is doing at Keadby2. Using these resources students can learn about the various forms of energy generation and the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy.


Meet KB2 and REG

KB2 is a robot that is powered by the Keadby2 gas turbine. She loves talking about energy generation!


She always makes sure that the homes and businesses connected to the grid are getting enough energy.


REG (Renewable Energy Generation) is KB2’s best friend. REG loves the wind and the sun because that’s where he gets a lot of his energy.


REG and KB2 both supply energy to the grid. KB2 supports REG’s sustainable energy generation

with efficient energy.


KB2 helps the team at Keadby2 generate electricity using her gas turbine. REG’s renewable energy comes from Keadby wind farm. Both types of energy work in harmony to provide energy for the national grid.

Teachers Resources

KS2 Activity Sheets

The activity sheets, designed for Key Stage 2, will take children through various forms of energy generation and explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy generation.


Interactive Game

Dress the Site Worker

KB2’s team at Keadby2 need to get ready for work. But before they can do this, they need to make sure they are dressed in the correct safety gear.


Help KB2 provide her team with the clothes they need to protect themselves. Avoid them putting on dinosaur boots, tutus and pirate’s hats...!