Digital Talks 2019 Transforming Industry Together

11 June 2019, ACC , Kings Dock, Liverpool

Let's make it about continuous improvement

As UK & Ireland manufacturers, large or small, process or discrete, we need to become more competitive. Whether it's to compete on a global stage, to bring customisation at speed or to be ultra-responsive to your customer when and where it's needed. To do this we need to transform.  The reality is that digital technology is going to create the most significant and long term productivity improvements that will allow this transformation to unfold.   Digital transformation is a journey of continuous improvement.  That’s what we’ve learned; from experience with our customers and partners. A journey in which every step you take counts; in which the outcome of each step you take determines where you go next and ultimately, your ability to compete.   At our 2019 flagship event, you can learn what these continuous improvement steps could look like for your business and value chain.

Taking to the stage for Digital Talks 2019


Peers in one immersive setting transforming industry together!

We’re in the thick of creating an awesome Digital Talks 2019. Last year’s event involved 230 attendees from 180 organisations. Having attended the event, 100% felt more confident about what digitalisation could do for their organisation. To know we’re helping you fathom out this journey of continuous improvement is why we’re back doing it again. However this year, we’re hoping for bigger and better! You can expect: • Industry-specific programmes - you will receive a recommended schedule to get the most relevant content on the day! • Peer to peer stories about what it means to transform and the challenges and triumphs along the way • Vast exhibition with technical talks and demos • Collaboration zone with technology, innovation and finance partners to help you pave practical pathways to digitalisation. See you there!

Topic highlights

Turning data into value with the Internet of Things

MindSphere lets you harness data from machines and physical infrastructure to find transformative insights across an entire business. It lets you develop, deploy and run digital services, create your own applications or even new business models.

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Getting the physical and virtual worlds talking with the Digital Twin

The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a product or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire lifecycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimising performance, and incorporating insights from previous design and production experiences. At Siemens the digital twin consists of three forms: the digital twin of the product, the digital twin of production, and the digital twin of the performance.

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Simulation of physical properties in the virtual world

Simulation and test software covers the capabilities you require to build and maintain a digital twin. It combines multidisciplinary design exploration, engineering simulation and test with intelligent reporting and data analytics to help you predict real product behaviour throughout the entire product lifecycle

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Billions of devices are connected by the Internet of things, which can present risk. Siemens takes cybersecurity and protection of assets and infrastructure very seriously - underpinned by the Charter of Trust.

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Return on investment

Traditionally, manufacturers have paid their suppliers for products or services. But in an outcome-based world, suppliers get paid based on results, minimising the financial risk for manufacturers.  An outcome-based relationship helps you build a sustainable business and the reccomendations will fit with your unique challenge and ultimately have a financial benefit.

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Skills for the future

Digital factories naturally demand new skills, but that doesn't always mean new people. Encouraging people to lead the change – and supporting them along the way – is critical. Dame Judith Hackitt, Chair of EEF, the Manufacturers Association, talks on a recent Digital Talks podcast about how upskilling can help manufacturers transform.

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Digital Talks Podcast Series

Our podcast series lets you hear from the best of the industry’s people, hosted by BBC Radio 2’s Tim Smith, and is full of boardroom conversation starters, as well as practical insight to help you get started on your transformation journey. 

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Every industry is defined by it's own characteristics, it's own burning issues, it's own digitalisation story. That's why you'll find specific industry experts, peers and sessions at the event.
What's on

Event Programme

This year's flagship event includes a keynote theatre programme, a seminar programme and an exhibition. Whether you want to hear from your industry peers sharing their experiences, see and touch the latest technology, or understand what your continuous improvement steps could look like and how to make it happen, we have it all under one roof in an exciting and immersive setting. If you are in the Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Intralogistics or Machine Building sector there are dedicated sessions that will be worth joining. But don't worry if you are from any other sector because you've been well thought of and there will be other sessions that absolutely apply to you!

Seminar Programme

Session 1 - Accelerating product development and product innovation, using automation and digitalisation


Jonathan Hague, Vice President R&D Homecare Discover - Unilever

Session 2 - Facing into the challenge of making our factories more efficient.


John Griffiths, Engineering Director - Princes Foods Ltd


Industry 4.0 is here and quite rightly so, however the reality is that for the vast majority of companies in the Food and Drink sector, it is going to be very difficult to realise the potential.

Food and Drink is bigger than Automotive and Aerospace combined, but still hasn’t got the basics right.


The presentation aims to address some of the challenges Industry faces with a multidimensional set of solutions:


  • The market place is suffering year on year deflation and retailers in the main have short term horizons – This overall inhibits investment
  • Our factories are full of legacy equipment, a great deal of which is sub optimised and in some instances not even connectable.
  • Integration between IT and Ops is poor. Digital is ‘ A system of systems’ but the systems don’t connect well.
  • Control system standards are extremely difficult to bolt down, due to business investment cycles not keeping pace with technological cycles.
  • Workforce skills are behind where they need to be, combine all the legacy and non standardisation with a workforce that needs upskilling, makes for a very big challenge.


The factory of the future needs standardisation, connectivity, information and data to hand and a highly skilled workforce to complement, optimise and continuosly improve and challenge what is there.


How can we move forward together ?

Session 1 - Panel Debate 


Sharron Todd, CEO, Society of Chemical Industry (SCI); Darren Budd, Commercial Director, BASF; Richard Smith, Managing Director, Surfachem

Digitalisation and IOT have been identified by the UK Chemistry Council as one of the main strategy levers to accelerate innovation-led growth in the chemical industries.  With comment from leading UK Chemical companies, this panel debate will explore the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation brings to the sector.  Topics such as predictive quality, the digital plant, the connected supply chain and product customisation, will be discussed. 

Session 2


Marco Del Seta, Head of Digital – BOC-Linde

Session 1: A small company with a big vision behind a revolutionary packaging system: The story one year on. Digitalisation at the heart of design, production and performance.


Martin Leeming, CEO - TrakRap


TrakRap has been developing a new machine specifically designed to wrap aerosol canisters in a way that reduces energy consumption and packing material. Through a collaborative project with several partners, Siemens technology has been used to virtually develop, test and commission TrakRap’s latest machine using a digital twin. This has enabled TrakRap to build a machine - not a prototype - first time around.


In the manufacturing environment, TrakRap’s machine can adapt to different types of environment, product and set up, enabling them to predict quality, throughput and timescales.


After a physical machine is installed on a customer site, it will be permanently paired with its digital twin. Existing applications will feed real-time operational data to the cloud for comparison with data generated simultaneously by the digital twin. With 24/7 management of each machine, potential issues will easily be anticipated and downtime avoided.


TrakRap has also been able to maintain ownership of the machines it produces and provide customers with a service based on output and measured in terms of ‘pay-per-wrap’. TrakRap’s solution therefore requires no capital investment from customers and offers added value because of the significant reduction in the amount of energy and packing material consumed.


Martin Leeming, CEO, explains how digitalisation continues to help TrakRap make massive strides in an industry that’s very competitive.


Session 2: A unique view point of manufacturing from SME to multi-national. From batch size of one to 100's million units per year all within the evolving digital space.


Mike Lewis, Innovations Director - Lambert Engineering


Find out:

  • What Lambert Engineering are doing to move the business forward adopting digital technologies - as a SME manufacture in the UK
  • How they are trying to demystify Industry 4.0 and what is means to our products and services
  • The industry more widely and what is means for a start up and an established multi-national

Session 1: The Digital Transformation Of Medicines Manufacturing


Phillip Dale, Engineering Director - FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies; Andy Dwyer, Innovation Lead – GSK / MMIP; Alfredo Ramos, Healthcare Director – CPI; Andrew Whytock – Head of Digitalisation and Innovation - Siemens


The race is on to bring new and affordable medicines to market, quicker than ever before.  New diseases require innovative cures, and increased competition requires faster, leaner processes in all aspects of operations, without any compromise on quality.  


The pace of innovation and the ability to disrupt are becoming key success factors, challenging the way drugs have been produced until now.

This session will bring together influential leaders from Big Pharma, CDMO’s, OEM’s, Trade Associations and Academia to explore how the Digital Transformation of Medicines Manufacturing is opening up new business opportunities across the entire pharma value chain.


Session 2: Smart Biomanufacturing: Next-Generation Biopharma Processes

Dr Colin Clarke, Principal Investigator - Nibrt; Mike Hughes, Head of Operations and Technology – Ipsen BioPharm; Daniel McCarthy, Principal R&D Engineer – Pall Life Sciences 


The quest for smart biopharma processes is driven by the emergence of three trends:

1) Personalised medicines, often tailored by the genome of the patient, as a new treatment option for both rare and widespread diseases

2) Flexibility as a means to make plants smarter and adaptable

3) Using digitalisation to acquire a deep level of process understanding 

Join industry experts from Pharma Manufacturers, CDMO’s, OEM’s, Trade Associations and Academia, who will discuss how they are collaborating to accelerate the implementation of smart biomanufacturing solutions.


Session 1 - Andrew Selim, Projects Manager – Ocado Engineering 

Session 2 - Bart Schouwenaars-Harms, Manager Industrial Solutions - Amazon

Exhibition Highlights

Technology showcases

By working with our customers and partners, we've learnt that:

Short tech talks around the exhibition

How to design for Industry 4.0

Designing right the first time

Is your plant ready for Industry 4.0

Reducing commissioning delays

Why physical testing?

How to turn product data into knowledge

Augmented Reality Advantages

Cloud based engineering

Automatic engineering tasks

SIMATIC MindSphere applications

Industrial Edge

Artificial Intelligence built in

The power of Totally Integrated Automation

Totally Integrated Automation – keeping you secure

Digitalisation and drive technology

The power of the digital twin

Kinematics made easy 

Web-based process control system – SIMATIC PCS Neo

Foundation of digitalisation in the process industry

Digital Twin using SIMIT

NOA / Valve App monitoring

Advanced diagnostics with PCS 7 using Siemens instrumentation

Digital Application Suite for the process industry

Getting started with consultation and cocreation

The operational landscape 

The collaboration zone

Industry-wide organisations will be present to help pave practical pathways to digitalisation; from skills and funding to innovation and SME support. Organisations include: 


  • High Value Manufacturing Catapult
  • Siemens Financial Services 
  • Digital Catapult 
  • Innovate UK
  • Made Smarter 
  • MTA
  • IET
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