Siemens Electrical Products Symposium: Work smarter, not harder

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Live Date: Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Time: 10:00 - 12:00 BST

Language: English

Work smarter, not harder with Siemens Electrical Products was a virtual workshop which included physical demonstrations and software simulations to showcase a host of our products' unique features.


Check it out to see how our products can increase efficiency and drive down costs throughout the engineering process, starting with the control panel design phase right through to the installation process of the electrical products. If you are seeking an engaging training session with some great topics and limited use of PowerPoint, this is the one for you!




Save time and effort by utilising our control panel design tools.

Components of a switchboard and their functions.

A ‘how-to’ guide on the selection and installation of various accessories in the Siemens 3VA MCCB accessory range. Shunt Trips, Oversize Cable Terminals, Terminal Shrouds & more. Customise your breaker to suit your application.

With the Siemens Power Config software, simply plug-and-play for simple and effective commissioning. We’ll show you how to connect, and what breaker settings can be modified.

With the Siemens PAC1200 & PAC1600, we’ll show you how to create a basic energy monitoring network and tie it into Industry 4.0 via our IoT gateway – Powercenter 3000.

Following on from our PAC Meter demo, take your Power Monitoring to the next level via the Powermind APP. See your energy guzzlers virtually, at a touch of the button.

Hands-on showcase of the unique infeed system which is a convenient power infeed and distribution for a group of several motor starter protectors or complete load feeders.

Demonstrating the ease of installation when using SIRIUS ACT command and signalling devices, including the additional flexibility and less wiring when selecting the PROFINET devices.

How to use the Simulation Tool for Soft Starters (STS), just knowing the selection process doesn't have to be problematic.

Unique parameterisation of a 3RW55 soft starter compared to devices of a similar nature.

Questions & answers time with the ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS team on any of the topics discussed and the prize giveaway.


Connect with our speakers

Mark Harrison

Head of Electrical Products

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Chris Ward

Control Product Manager

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Martin Brown

Control Product Manager

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Jimmy Higginbotham

Power Breakers Product Manager

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Scott Bailey

Circuit Protection Product Manager

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Daniel Devine

Control Panel Specialist

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Darren Motley

Power Distribution Boards Product Manager

Siemens Smart Infrastructure


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