Great Exhibition of the North

Together we want to celebrate the North of England’s pioneering spirit which has, and will continue to, shape the world we live in – making things smarter, cleaner, better. 
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We are proud to partner with the Great Exhibition of the North and look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks.

The Ingenious Energy Challenge

The Ingenious Energy Challenge was a fun and interactive way for members of the public to generate energy by moving over Pavegen smart floor tiles. Throughout the 12 days the Challenge was in place, the people of Newcastle generated a total of 345,723 Joules of energy in some very ingenious ways. That's enough energy to talk on your smart phone for 8 days!  

Take a look at some of the highlights in the video above 

MindSphere Miniature World (The Core, Newcastle Helix until 9th September)

The MindSphere Miniature World demonstrates how energy generation and consumption can be tracked, analysed and managed using a scale model. The World includes a wind farm, train, smart city and brewery and viewers can see how real-time data is used to manage the energy systems, forecast likely energy levels and detect problems. 

See how energy is managed within the Miniature World to ensure everything from smooth running trains to optimal beer production.

Visit for free until 9th September at The Core, Newcastle Helix.

Siemens and the Northern Powerhouse

The North of England has a strong tradition of manufacturing and Siemens is proud to have a strong manufacturing presence in the region. One of the things which encourages investment in manufacturing is a commitment to being at the cutting edge of new technologies – and right now we see significant potential for the region to become a leader in digital business.

Read more in this blog from Carl Ennis, Managing Director, Energy Management.

Download the infographic

Get North Careers

To help support and inspire young people to understand the careers and pathways that are open to them, an interactive map of the North has been created. This will showcase short films featuring early career individuals talking about their career, the choices they made in relation to study/pathway and what they enjoy about their role.

Tim Waugh, one of our Manchester employees was interviewed, watch the video and find out how he started his career.

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