Sir William Siemens Challenge

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Late afternoon on 15th November - 17th November 2019. The Sir William Siemens Challenge returns for the third time - a competition bringing engineering and data together to unlock your digital potential.
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Empowering future engineers here, there and everywhere

Energy, robotics, driverless cars – Siemens quite literally influences every part of modern society. Our innovative engineering is found here, there and everywhere – but one of our technologies will bring worlds together like never before. MindSphere is a revolutionary operating system harnessing the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to connect devices and, one day soon, entire cities with one another. Imagine a future where transport operates itself, or entire businesses govern themselves autonomously. The foundation of it all exists. And whatever kind of engineer you are, you’ll create within this digital ecosystem. So join us, show your openness to adapt to the future and build a unique device in a MindSphere connected environment. The Sir William Siemens Challenge is open to 17 UK universities that we partner with and in the future we hope to open it up to more!

Sir William Siemens Challenge

Named after our founder, we host this annual event in hope of discovering the future talent that will carry on our 170-year legacy and usher in a new era of engineering. MindSphere Live! is 2019’s event, bringing together the UK’s most promising engineers in one place.

Two days

Join a hybrid, multidisciplinary team. Perform among the UK elite. Network with an engineering giant and win a prestigious internship or graduate role.

A whole lot of kit

£1,000s worth of components to play with. Data from a multimillion-dollar Operating System to explore. One unique device, powered by data.

£100 bonus budget

Extra cash to customise an engineered device that stands out from all other teams, winning you the Sir William Siemens Award.

Winners will receive


Can you transform digital connections into engineered masterpieces?