Power Matters

2 November 2017, Bloomsbury Suite, Crowne Plaza Kings Cross, London . 14:00 – 19:30, followed by Networking Event  
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Power Matters

Join our Power Matters event on Thursday 2 November at the Crowne Plaza Kings Cross, and discover how, with a comprehensive portfolio of tangible products and solutions, as well as digital technologies adapted to your clients’ power requirements, Siemens can bring you new opportunities.

Decentralised Energy Systems, Discrimination Challenges and our new secondary MV switchgear

With energy representing up to 40% of costs in energy intensive organisations, Siemens has solutions from high voltage to low voltage to turn electricity into a competitive advantage. We have the expertise and resources  to deliver comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle from planning, design, supply, connection and full turnkey projects, with on-going service and maintenance.

Allow our subject experts to walk you through our solutions and join the discussion around your day to day challenges and the topics affecting the industry. The event will also include seminars on Decentralised Energy Systems, Discrimination Challenges and  our new secondary MV switchgear, which you will be able to sign up for on the day if you’re interested.

We want to spend your valuable time wisely so we’ve selected a central venue, close to several major tube lines and we’ll be holding our event in the afternoon. We’ve extended the exhibition into the evening if you are unable to join during office hours.  If you don’t have to rush off at the end of the event, we’d be delighted if you could stay for an informal dinner and drinks.

The expert stations will include;

Expert Stations

Allow our subject experts to walk you through our solutions

Journey from HV connection to final circuit

With intelligent, digitally managed power transmission and distribution solutions; Siemens can support connecting to the grid right through to taking energy where it is needed with a comprehensive range of  high, medium, and low-voltage products, systems and services for the safe and secure power supply of industrial infrastructure facilities, rounded out by expert support throughout the entire life cycle.

Discover the benefits of a Totally Integrated Power (TIP) approach

Integrated power supply solutions enable new levels of reliability, safety, and efficiency for industrial plants, infrastructure and buildings. Planning the electric power distribution for such facilities is becoming more and more complex. Even more so if they’re seamlessly linked to industrial and building automation systems, and lifecycle services. To aid electrical engineering consultants in working faster and better under the existing conditions, the innovative SIMARIS planning tools effectively support the planning process. Simaris  is an to use free MV-LV design software that will automatically select the correct devices, cables and protection settings taking into account loads and fault levels in accordance with IEC regulations. This will also create the dimensions of the switchgear and physical layout for the initial space management.

HV / MV Protection solutions

An integrated approach to medium-voltage power distribution is the basis for energy-efficient infrastructure, buildings and industrial applications, and high supply reliability. With Siemens protection relay and control products, you can expect proven, dependable and durable technology for all areas, designed for maximum supply security.

HV / MV Switchgear ranges including transformers & HP

Our high-voltage and medium voltage products offer cost-efficient and safe power distribution. We provide low life cycle costs, short commissioning times global support and guarantee the highest quality through constant product development and a certified quality management system. Our portfolio includes transformers, long rod insulators, circuit breakers, gas-insulated switch gear, disconnectors and earthing switches, surge arresters, bushings, coil products and capacitators.

Main & Sub LV Switchgear solutions and energy monitoring solutions

Siemens offers an unrivalled range of LV equipment suited to use in modern energy conscious projects. Whether in industrial plants or in buildings: every technical system depends on a reliable supply of electric power. Even a short power failure may have serious consequences. For this reason, you need products and systems which cope with every eventuality and always keep you on the safe side. Our portfolio is the broadest world-wide, covering everything from switchboards to socket outlets.

LV products including ACB, MCCBs and Metering

A full range of Low voltage switchgear components for commercial and industrial distribution including ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, RCCBs and RCDs along with Switches, Switchfuses and Meters. We will also be showcasing our Power manager software  for easy energy monitoring and analysis. Available Seminars: Network Planning - Discrimination and Back-up protection and Forms of Separation

Final distribution including busbar and distribution board

The Siemens Sivacon S8plus low voltage power distribution and motor control centre is ready for the challenges of digitalisation and the future, with increased flexibility and safety features for critical power applications. SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems from Siemens offer a technologically superior alternative to cables, combining cost-efficiency, efficiency, and flexibility with safety and reliability.

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Power Matters