Based on your feedback from last year, we have developed what we hope you will agree, is another really strong breakout session programme with a focus around upgrade, migration and the growing influence of digitalisation in the process industries. 
Process Automation

Space UG 2018 User Group conference

As well as the strong breakout session programme with a focus around migration, process safety and emerging industry trends such as digitalisation, we have also planned the conference so that there are many opportunities for you to network and share your experiences with each other.   The conference will run from 9.00am - 5.30pm on Thursday 3rd May, and from 8.30am - 1.00pm on Friday 4th May.

On Thursday you have the opportunity to select four breakout sessions from a selection of over 16, so choose wisely! Then on the Friday the focus bitesize sessions will take place covering SIMIT Virtual Controller, Process Automation Accelerator, PROFINET and diagnostics management.

On the day


Day 1 | Thursday 3rd May 2018

09:00        Coffee and Registration


10:00        Conference Introduction and Welcome                  

Steve Leech - Business Manager - Process Control Systems, Siemens Process Industries & Drives

10:30        Chairman's Address                                                  

SPACE UG Chairman - Brian Lawson - Non Executive Director, Projex Solutions Limited

11:00        Keynote Presentation 

Future Digital - Promises and Dilemmas - Head of Portfolio UK&I, Atos 


12:00        Lunch - Product & Services Showcase Area

13:30        Breakout Session 1

A.              Building a Biscuit plant for next 25 years operational growth - Steve Grant and Tim Lovatt, Pladis Gobal & Tracy Hart, Siemens

B.              Never Say Spreadsheet Again... Robust data integration and Real-time insights for Industry with Siemens XHQ - Darren Steele, IT Vizion

C.              Cyber Security - How standards will impact you - Paul Hingley, Siemens

D.              Bringing Multi-Variate Process Monitoring and Control information to the cloud using PharmaMV and Siemens MindSphere - John Mack, Perceptive Engineering Limited

14:20        Breakout Session 2

E.               The Problem is Choice - Graham Scarborough, Kemira Chemicals (UK) Ltd

F.               Simulation of behaviour with SIMIT- Closing the gap between actuator and sensor - Bernhard Ifflaender, Siemens  

G.              Step wise migration of a legacy control system - Jeremy Hands, QSI Group Ltd

H.              Laying the foundations for the bio plant of the future - Andrew Pickering, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies


15:05        Coffee Break - Product & Services Showcase Area

15:35        Breakout Session 3

I.                SILSIS our Digital Twin - Julian Fairman, KLAW Products Ltd & Barry Huntington, Industrial Control Solutions Ltd 

J.                The case for the upgrade - Chris Hough, Baker Hughes & Steve Watson, QSI Group Ltd

K.               Combining digitalisation & deep process knowledge: a vision for the process industries - Chris Leingang, Siemens                                         

L.                Digitalisation changes everything... but where do I start?? - Dominique Chabauty, Siemens

16:25        Breakout Session 4

M.              To GAMP or not to GAMP - Andy Walker, Dr Reddy's & Tracy Hart, Siemens

N.               Practical consideration for the use of Profinet in the Process Industries - Hugh Welsh & Jamie Shanks, Booth Welsh & Martin Coley, Siemens

O.               What can Process Industry do with Cloud based platform - Paul Hingley, Siemens

P.                Failure rate for SIS… we all collect it don't we? - Ron Bell OBE, Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd 

17:15        Day 1 Summary and Day 2 Introduction

Steve Leech - Business Manager - Process Control Systems, Siemens Process Industries & Drives

17:30        Day 1 Close


19:00        Evening Event

Day 2 | Friday 4th May 2018

08:30        Coffee and networking - Product & Services Showcase Area

Technology Bitesize Session Choices:

A. SIMIT Virtual Controller – Communications made easy -  Felix Xu, Siemens
B. Fast forward with Process Automation Accelerator – Ian Charlson, Siemens
C. PROFINET – Considerations for implementation – Dave Adams, Siemens
D. How to make the most of your diagnostics – Steve Howes, Siemens

09:00        Technology Bitesize Session 1


09:35        Technology Bitesize Session 2


10:10        Technology Bitesize Session 3


10:45        Technology Bitesize Session 4


11:15        Coffee Break

11:30        HQ Presentation and Feedback 

13:00        Conference closes and Lunch    


Siemens Process Automation & Control Engineering User Group (SPACE UG) is a GB&I network of Siemens users who regularly meet to discuss and exchange best practice information with each other and also with Siemens senior management. 

The aim of the User Group is to provide a link between ourselves as the vendor and our users, enabling the opportunity for direct feedback into the development path of the platform. 

The group includes representatives from all of the main GB&I Process Industry sectors of Chemical, Food & Beverage, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Power and Oil & Gas. 

The User Group is chaired by Brian Lawson, Non-Executive Director at Projex Solutions Limited.

Brian has an extensive background and knowledge of the Process Industries with a career in the pharmaceutical sector working for a number of major manufacturers including Smith and Nephew, GlaxoSmithKline, and most recently Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in Mirfield, before taking a change in direction to lead the creation and operation of the Process Manufacturing Centre (PMC) at Kirklees College. The PMC is a specialist training facility focused on the development of resource and competence in the process sector.  Most recently, Brian has moved on from his journey with the PMC and amongst other things, has taken the position of Non-Executive Director at Projex Solutions Limited, continuing his connection with the Process Industries.

Thursday 3rd May

Breakout session 1 - 13:30 - 14:15

Programme options:
Thursday 3rd May

Breakout session 2 - 14:20 - 15:05

Programme options:
Thursday 3rd May

Breakout session 3 - 15:35 - 16:20

Programme options:
Thursday 3rd May

Breakout session 4 - 16:25 - 17:10

Programme options:
Friday 4th May

Technology Bitesize Programme

You can join all four sessions in any order, sessions start at 09:00, 09:35, 10:10 and 10:45 on Friday 4th May.

Technology Bitesize Session A: SIMIT Virtual Controller - Communications made easy

Presenter(s) – Felix Xu, Siemens

Synopsis – SIMIT VC is incredibly easy to setup for a multi node project. Come and join us to see how simple it is. 

Technology Bitesize Session B: Fast forward with Process Automation Accelerator

Presenter(s) – Ian Charlson, Siemens

Synopsis – From “drawing board” to SIMATIC PCS 7 project and back again. The session will demonstrate the seamless integration between PAA and SIMATIC PCS 7 for bulk engineering and as built documentation.   

Technology Bitesize Session C: PROFINET - Considerations for implementation

Presenter(s) – Dave Adams, Siemens

Synopsis – PROFINET is the link to digitalisation in the field. This session will explore considerations for network design and architectures focusing on the PROFINET blue print document.   

Technology Bitesize Session D: How to make the most of your diagnostics

Presenter(s) – Steve Howes, Siemens

Synopsis – The session will provide an opportunity to see a wide range of diagnostic options for instrumentation inside SIMATIC PCS 7. 


The Principal York Hotel

9.00am - 5.30pm Thursday 3rd May and 8.30am - 3.30pm Friday 4th May. Station Road, York, YO24 1AA