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Between the annual SPACE UG User Group events you can tune into online content for industry expertise, insight and best practice. We hope to bring you a more regular selection of user stories and experience, as well as information on the technology roadmap and development of our SIMATIC DCS portfolio.

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Virtual SPACE UG Tech Talks

We've been running daily tech talks, which are free bitesize webinars around specific technology areas. Here is the best pick from our process control portfolio that we thought might be of interest.

Advance your knoweldge on PCS 7 with best practice from our technical experts and learn how you can get more from your control system.

Discover how PCS neo could be right for you with an expert led demonstration  of our control system.

Get more value from your instruments by following the latest industry methodolgies and trends explained by our specialists

Process industries are rapidily digitalising, join our expert team to find out how Siemens can support you on this journey and apply it to your plant.

SIMATIC PCS 7 in action

Check out these customer stories to see how Kemira and AkzoNobel are using SIMATIC PCS 7 to improve their plant operations.