Microgrids for Hospitals - a Unique Energy Management System

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Microgrids for Hospitals - a Unique Energy Management System

Live Date: Wednesday, 19th May 2021

Language: English      

In Microgrids for Hospitals - a Unique Energy Management System our Smart Hospitals experts examined how a Siemens Microgrid solution can support hospitals' resilient power management and addressed the transparency of energy use and its cost of consumption across the hospital campus facility.  


Our speakers also explored the techniques available to hospitals to improve operational efficiency to continuously reduce their carbon footprint and address future needs. This included:

  • the planning of net zero carbon objectives
  • the need for critical power support and provision of Electric Vehicle charging for emergency
  • logistics and public vehicles 
  • the ability to link multiple hospital sites to drive greater carbon savings
  • financial solutions.

Other webinars in our Smart Hospitals series

On 24th March, our Smart Hospitals experts presented the first webinar in our Smart Hospitals series, Pathway to Net Zero Carbon. The webinar explored how Siemens can assist the Healthcare sector in its ambitious target of becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Microgrids for Hospitals - a Unique Energy Management System was the second webinar in our series.


If you would like any further information on our webinar series, or would like to speak to a Siemens expert, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Connect with our speakers

Steve Jamieson

Healthcare Sector Lead

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Ian Lloyd

Head of Microgrid Solutions
Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Mark McLoughlin

Strategic Account Manager

Siemens Financial Services


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