The Digital Academy is open…

Siemens is leading the way in industrial digitalisation. Now, through our new Digital Academy, you can join our digitalisation journey – and develop the skills to become a Future Maker.

What is the Digital Academy?

The Digital Academy is a brand new sponsorship scheme and summer programme from Siemens. We’re excited to be launching the scheme in partnership with Sheffield and Newcastle Universities. The Academy has been created to prepare high-potential undergraduates to thrive in a future of industrial digitalisation. Just as digital technologies are transforming our day-to-day lives, they are also driving a revolution in business and industry. Digitalisation is empowering companies to lower costs, boost productivity, improve responsivity and increase quality. This is a specialist field that will offer almost limitless possibilities for your future career. 
Applications will close , Oct 17 - Dec 31, 2018

Why join the Digital Academy?

Digitalisation is creating both opportunities and challenges for the future. The Digital Academy will equip you to tackle those challenges – and seize the opportunities. You will experience the full industrial digitalisation experience, with rotational summer placements across our varied business units. You will get to put the theory you learn at university into real world use – including working with MindSphere, the Siemens Internet of Things.  The Digital Academy will also offer you:

• £3000 per year sponsorship throughout your degree programme

• 8-week paid summer placement within a Siemens business

• Summer schools and Digital Academy community events

• Digital training and learning opportunities

• Opportunity to join a digital Graduate Scheme after graduation

Are you eligible for the Digital Academy?