Diversity Sparks Ideas

Diversity Sparks Ideas

Building an ingenious future and solving the world’s challenges relies on a diverse mix of people, ideas and opinions.

Building an innovative future relies on a diverse mix of people, ideas and opinions. We’re working to make this happen by focusing on three key areas; our company culture, our diversity and our place in society.

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Ingenuity by Siemens

Our Ingenuity platform allows our employees to explore a range of Diversity and Inclusion topics which stimulates conversations and challenging discussions. 

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We want to continue to be ingenious in the future

True ingenuity happens when individuals, with a broad range of opinions, perspectives and ideas are brought together. We’re setting goals to measure and report on our progress to carry this change to the heart of our business.

What if we could bring different opinions, perspectives and ideas together to deliver true ingenuity to our customers, our industry and society?

We’re working on it.