Diversity Sparks Ideas

Diversity Sparks Ideas

Building an ingenious future and solving the world’s challenges relies on a diverse mix of people, ideas and opinions.

We’re working to make this happen by focusing on three key areas:
our company culture, our diversity and our place in society

Pillar One


At Siemens, we want to build an inclusive workplace, where everyone’s contribution is valued.

  • Change starts with us. We encourage our employee networks and diversity champions to improve our business culture.
  • We work and communicate in a more inclusive way and challenge non-inclusive actions. 

We’re working on…

Building our community

Creating an inclusive workplace isn’t a top-down initiative, it relies on our people at all levels to get involved and make a difference. Our Diversity Champions and Employee Networks work hard to bring our employees together and take action into keeping Siemens UK an inclusive place to work.

Tackling unconscious bias

Everyone holds unconscious beliefs which influence our choices. For objective decisions to be made, social stereotypes must be removed from our thinking. To support this, over ¾ of our line managers have attended face-to-face unconscious bias training sessions which are now available to everyone on an ongoing basis. 

Getting feedback

We collect feedback through employee surveys, cultural workshops and listening groups to review our ways of working to make them more inclusive. Our processes ensure any non-inclusive behaviour is identified, thoroughly investigated and action is taken. 

Pillar Two


We’re working to create equal opportunity for everyone, so our people can share and benefit from everyone’s different skills, abilities and ideas.

  • We’re using data to identify opportunities to drive equality across our business. 
  • We’re attracting and recruiting the right talent, internally and externally, to support our goal. 

We’re working on…


We use employee diversity data to review our mix of people and their roles, so we can start taking targeted action to ensure everyone has equal opportunity in their career at Siemens.

Through our Gender Pay Gap reporting, we’ve seen the work still to do to bring gender parity to our business. Read the Gender Pay Gap Report here 


Traditionally, the engineering industry hasn’t attracted diverse talent and many applicants to roles advertised aren’t fully representative of the society we live in. There is more we can do to attract and recruit a diverse workforce.

We’re looking for new ways to promote roles externally, so our job postings reach different groups and using gender neutral language in our job advertisements. We’re also reviewing our selection process so that it works for neurodiverse applicants and focusing on implementing diverse interview panels.

Find out more on our Jobs and Careers page 

Pillar Three


We’re working together with customers and partners to make our industry more diverse and inclusive. 

  • We’ll be leading this change in our industry through the customers and suppliers we work with.
  • We’re connecting and engaging with partners who can support and guide our activity.

We’re working on…

Changing our industry

To help our industry become more diverse and inclusive, we know that we need to make some big changes. We make sure our suppliers see the importance we place on diversity and work with customers to help drive inclusive actions in their businesses and the wider industry.

We’re also inspiring the next generation of Siemens employees through STEM events and providing educational support for teachers and young people of all ages. Visit the Curiosity Project for more details 

Building partnerships

Collaborating with external expert organisations allows us to check and test our action plans so they are impactful and make a difference. We’ve hosted a number of neurodiversity events, developed our Women in Leadership programme, held SeeWomen STEM events and are implementing findings from internal audits.

We want to continue to be ingenious in the future

True ingenuity happens when individuals, with a broad range of opinions, perspectives and ideas are brought together. We’re setting goals to measure and report on our progress to carry this change to the heart of our business.

What if we could bring different opinions, perspectives and ideas together to deliver true ingenuity to our customers, our industry and society?

We’re working on it.

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