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We’re working to create equal opportunities for everyone, so our people can share and benefit from everyone’s different skills, abilities and ideas.


We use employee diversity data to review our mix of people and their roles, so we can start taking targeted action to ensure everyone has equal opportunity in their career at Siemens.

Through our Gender Pay Gap reporting, we’ve seen there is still work to do to bring gender parity to our business . 

We have worked with partners to escalate our progress on creating a diverse and equal workplace.

Through the BitC Race at Work Charter , we have committed to specific actions to deliver equality for individuals from all ethnicities and backgrounds including through sponsorship and mentoring, through career progression and through ensuring all leaders are responsible for diversity and inclusion.  In addition, Siemens plc has signed the Change the Race Ratio which specifically focuses on improving racial and ethnic diversity in leadership.

We are Committed to disability inclusion and are working actively on achieving Employer status (level 2)with the Disability Confident programme by focussing on making our recruitment process accessible and supporting existing employees with workplace adjustments.  We want to create an inclusive environment for all our employees and to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to our company.


Traditionally, the engineering industry hasn’t attracted diverse talent and the applicants that apply to our advertised roles aren’t fully representative of the society we live in. There is more we can do to attract and recruit a diverse workforce.

We’re looking for new ways to promote roles externally, so our job postings reach different groups, and we use gender neutral language in our job advertisements. We’re also reviewing our selection process so that it works for neurodiverse applicants and we use diverse interview panels whenever we can. 

One of the ways we are trying to do this is by using platforms like VERCIDA and Textio:


VERCIDA is a tech platform that will improve our current candidate attraction strategy. It lets us attract and retain diverse talent in a proactive way.

VERCIDA presents data that reveals patterns, trends and associations into how well we attract diverse talent to our roles. This informs the proactive initiatives we take to increase the diversity within our hiring and workforce.

In addition, the platform uses ReciteMe, an accessibility software which ensures our vacancies are fully accessible in real-time and meets AA accessibility standards.


Textio is a tool we use to bring powerful language to our job adverts and make them more attractive to a diverse range of candidates. Textio allows us to identify which language we should and shouldn’t use; this can range from words that are more attractive to men, to sentences which aren’t appealing to a certain group of candidates. 

How have our employees empowered inclusion for diverse groups?

Explore how our employees’ personal experiences sparked important conversations about workplace inclusivity.