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At Siemens we want to build an inclusive workplace, where everyone’s contribution is valued.

Building our community

Creating an inclusive workplace isn’t a top-down initiative, it relies on our people at all levels to get involved and make a difference. Our Diversity Champions and Employee Networks work hard to bring our employees together and take action into keeping Siemens UK an inclusive place to work.


Some of our Champions work in their function, business unit or location to create a culture of inclusion.  Using surveys and focus groups they identify specific actions.  The groups create a sense of belonging for themselves and their colleagues: activities include storytelling and discussion groups, privilege walks, Lean-In Circles, local PRIDE events and more.


Our Employee Networks and ED&I Champions are striving to make Siemens a truly inclusive place where every employee feels valued, comfortable and confident to be themselves, reaching their full potential. This will increase innovation allowing Siemens to feel the benefits of a diverse workforce. 

Inclusive Communication

Everyone holds unconscious beliefs which influence our choices. For objective decisions to be made, social stereotypes must be removed from our thinking. To support this, over 80% of our line managers have attended face-to-face unconscious bias training sessions and employee unconscious bias training is always available.

We have rolled out our own Conscious Inclusion programme across the organisation.  Shifting the focus from awareness to action, the programme helps individuals to develop skills such as speaking up, active listening and giving and receiving feedback.  As well as experiential training, the programme includes a 12-week series of inclusion nudges to encourage ongoing behaviour change.

We collect feedback through employee surveys, cultural workshops and listening groups to review our ways of working to make them more inclusive. Our processes ensure any non-inclusive behaviour is identified, thoroughly investigated and action is taken. 


Working in a more inclusive way

Only when people feel totally authentic and fully comfortable in their organisations can they achieve their full potential at work – trans employees are no exception. The policies and guidance we have in place to make employees’ transitions as smooth as possible. 

My Learning World

We have developed a freely accessible comprehensive learning channel, providing employees with a range of educational resources which colleagues can build into their own development plans. Resources include articles, videos and podcasts on topics such as disability, gender, LGBTQIA+ and racial equality. There are also training resources on topics such as allyship, privilege and inclusive communication to raise awareness and encourage inclusivity