We’re working together with customers and partners to make our industry more diverse.

Changing our industry

To help our industry become more diverse and inclusive, we know that we need to make some big changes. We make sure our suppliers see the importance we place on diversity, and we work with customers to help drive inclusive actions in their businesses and the wider industry.

We’re also inspiring the next generation of Siemens employees through STEM events and providing educational support for teachers and young people of all ages. 

Building partnerships 

Through our partnership with Stonewall, we have run training and awareness events and reviewed our policies. Through participating in the Workplace Equality Index, we have identified more actions we need to take to create a more inclusive workplace.

With WISE, we have run workshops internally to develop action plans to tackle equality for women in engineering. We have supported WISE with research and they have been a key partner, along with BitC and MAKEUK, in helping us to develop our internal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Standard.

In addition, we work with many other specialist partners to support our action: to review our recruitment processes, to create our Women into Leadership programme, for Conscious Inclusion training and other specialist training.

Hear from employees Jenna and Matthew, about how they are working with external partners to bring change to our business.

External Collaborations

We regularly lead and participate in external collaboration discussions.  These collaboration opportunities help us to set industry-specific targets and action plans.  In addition, we have been delighted to invite customers and suppliers in panel discussions which we invite colleagues and employees to increase their knowledge.