Flexibility Culture                             

Siemens is creating a new way of working based on flexibility, empowerment and trust.

Our flexibility culture allows you to take ownership for how your role is performed

As the world of work changes at an accelerating pace, we recognise that our employees may have increasing possibilities to work in different ways. This isn't the case for all of our roles but, for many, the idea of flexible working means that we can work in ways which better meet our personal situation.  Clearly, all of our roles are there to create value for Siemens and our customers, but the way in which we achieve that is changing.

Through that change, Siemens is creating a new way of working, in a culture which is based on the central themes of flexibility, empowerment and trust.  Through dialogue with our employees about their preferences and the business needs, we are creating new ways of working that are less driven by the location of a Siemens building or fixed hours of working, but more by a focus on delivering outcomes and an openness to exploring flexible approaches which meet the needs of both.

What flexibility suits you?

Flexibility is for everyone, in any role, for any reason

Flexible working should be for everyone for any reason. There aren’t specific “rules” on how to participate but we trust that you understand your role and its requirements and we believe you are the best person to come up with an innovative way of achieving this. You need to consider the impact this flexibility might have on your team and how you collaborate together.  You also should think through scenarios and customer needs. In many cases, a team-based approach is essential to make it work.


For this reason, flexibility will look different for each individual who works at Siemens. This is because your role will determine what kind of flexibility is possible and your personal needs will differ from someone else. The common factor is that you are taking the lead on the conversation and finding a solution in conjunction with your line manager and your team.


Flexibility may be a formal, fixed arrangement which impacts your employee contract and your salary and other benefits. But flexibility is also possible as an informal arrangement; agreements between you and your line manager and team which aren’t fixed but are flexible and can make a big difference to you personally.


Take a read of some of these stories to understand the many different forms that Flexible Working is taking for our employees.

Flexibility is something that is needed by so many of us: carers, those with long-term medical conditions or mental health issues, colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. Siemens is building an inclusive, equal and diverse organisation where everyone can thrive and that is why we all benefit from having an Employee Led Flexibility approach.
Harriet Padina - Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Siemens plc