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Siemens UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Siemens is a digital pioneer with a focus on automation and electrification across mobility, energy generation, smart infrastructure, digital industries and healthcare. Established in the UK over 170 years ago, with offices and manufacturing operations throughout the country, Siemens UK employs over 15,000 people, who every day turn ideas into positive change.

What if we could remove the gender pay gap from every department, office and factory in Siemens?

We're working on it.



Historically and traditionally, women have been under-represented in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. It is imperative that we address this imbalance of women in our organisation, continue to invest in our people and devise a strategy to attract and retain women at all levels in our  business. Gender and diversity initiatives put in place across Siemens are already beginning to improve the representation of women in our organisation.


"We are beginning to make progress on improving gender diversity but there is more we need to do and more we can do. We are determined to use our position as a global leader in the digital and manufacturing sector to make a real difference, whether it be through our recruitment practices, brand strength or leadership on diversity and inclusion.It is only by approaching diversity with concerted and continuous action that we can achieve our ambition of gender balance in our company."

Imagination can take you anywhere.                          Ingenuity will actually get you there.

We're in the business of bringing ingenious ideas to life, not just developing them.  And when you apply that ethos to the gender pay gap, our mission is to shape the future for women in the workplace and make gender equality in Siemens a reality.  Measuring our progress in gender diversity will ensure we remain focused on our objectives over the coming years, allow us to see how far we've progressed and show our commitment to creating positive change.


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