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Here you will find out everything you need to know about the Investor Plan Investment Options. 

30,000+ members are invested in the Lifestyle Funds.

Learn more about the Flexible Access Lifestyle Strategy (Default option). 

Your contributions are automatically invested in the default option, the Flexible Access Lifestyle strategy, unless you have chosen a different option. It aims to provide you with a good potential for growth earlier on in your savings journey, and then to gradually transfer you to safer investments as you approach your chosen target retirement age. The Flexible Access Lifestyle strategy consists of three building blocks, the Opportunity Fund, Balanced Fund, and Consolidation Fund.


To cater for members with different requirements, two additional lifestyle strategies are offered: The Traditional Annuity Strategy & The Cash Out Strategy.

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Lifestyle fund performance at a glance...

The infographic shows the latest information on how the Lifestyle Funds are performing against benchmarks and is updated every quarter.

There are 12 Freestyle funds for members that want to make their own investment choices.

These funds give you the freedom to choose and manage your own selections.

Access to the My Pension tools may be down temporarily, we are currently working on this.

View the fund details - Fidelity fund factsheets

Fidelity is our investment platform provider, giving you access to a range of investment funds. This site gives you information about the funds available for you to invest your contributions in, including fund fact sheets, fund prices, and fund performance information.


Use this site to find out more about your chosen investments or to help you when you are thinking about changing investments.


If you have any questions or want to make any changes to your investments please contact Trafalgar House. 

View the Investor Plan Guide for more information about the funds and plan 

This guide provides a summary of the main benefits of the Investor Plan, however, it does not cover every aspect.


Full details are contained in the Trust Deed and Rules, which is the legal document governing the Siemens Benefits Scheme, and would override this guide if there are any inconsistencies.

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