Joining the Investor Plan

Perhaps you are a new employee or opted not to join the pension plan? Find out more about the plan benefits and how much it will cost.

How to join

Normally you will join the plan automatically at your joining date, but you can choose to opt out if you want to. Government legislation requires us to ‘re-enrol’ you every 3 years; you can of course opt out again.

If you would like to opt in to the Investor Plan please do this through the My Benefits website. If you are unable to access the My Benefits website please contact HR Direct.

How it works

  • Joining
    Most employees automatically join when joining Siemens.
  • Contributing
    You pay in contributuons. Siemens also pays in to your account.
  • Accessing
    You can access your savings from age 55. The normal retirement age is 65.

Benefits of joining

  • Siemens will make a monthly contribution to your personal pension fund.
  • The more you contribute, the more you will get from Siemens (up to 10% of pensionable salary).
  • You save tax and national insurance on your contributions paid through My Benefits.
  • Siemens covers the administrative costs of running the Plan.

Click here to see the level of retirement income you might expect.

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What will it cost?

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Life Journey

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Investor Plan

Investor Plan Guide

The Investor Plan Guide has detailed information about the Plan. 

Contact Pensions

If you are considering joining Siemens and have questions about the Pension please refer to your recruitment contact.


If you are an active Siemens Employee contact us the Member Services Team.

Post: PO Box 131, Blyth, NE24 9FB

Telephone: 0203 985 3079

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