My Pension vs My Work Pension, what’s the difference?

Siemens Outlook Newsletter 2022

We have two different websites available to help you understand your pension benefits with the Siemens Benefits Scheme.


These include My Pension, which was created by Siemens and contains all the general information you need about the Scheme. It’s a publicly accessible site, which means that you don’t need a username or password to use it. There is also My Work Pension which is provided to you by Trafalgar House, your pension administrators. You can log onto My Work Pension, using the membership reference Trafalgar House have provided to you, and see all your personal Scheme information.


You can use the table to see what you can do on each site.

We highly recommend you visit the websites today and get to know your way around. It’s also a good idea to check your details are up to date on My Work Pension on a regular basis.


You can read all about the Siemens Benefit Scheme on My Pension here.


If you haven’t already registered for My Work Pension, it’s easy. All you need is your membership reference (which you’ll find on any personal documents Trafalgar House have sent you) and your National Insurance number. Just follow these three simple steps: