Information for Pensioners of the Siemens Benefits Scheme (DB Section)

Log into your 'My Work Pension' Defined Benefit account

  1. You will receive an e-mail with log-in instructions and your membership number. You need to follow these instructions to register on the My Work Pension website.
  2. After 24 hours, your registration should have been processed and you can then log in via PKI.
  3. If you would like to access your account outside of the Siemens network, or you no longer work for Siemens, then you can use your username and password.
  4. If you have any issues please contact Trafalgar House by email or by phone 0203 985 3079.

Please note: As part of the registration process, you will also be invited to verify your personal details and contact preferences. 


It’s easy to register and will put you in control of managing your pension and personal data.


Telephone: 0203 985 3079

Watch out for scams!

Scammers can be articulate and financially knowledgeable, with credible websites, testimonials, and materials that are hard to distinguish from the real thing. A pension scam is when someone tries to con you out of your pension money. Scammers design attractive offers to persuade you to transfer your pension pot to them or to release funds from it.

What will my beneficiaries receive when I die?

If you die after you retire the following benefits may become payable to your dependants:

  • a cash sum, if you die within 5 years of retiring
  • a pension for your spouse
  • eligible children's pensions based on the spouse's pension

Cash sums are usually paid tax free, unless the cash sums from all your pension schemes exceed the Lifetime Allowance. The sum is the balance of 5 years instalments of your pension (excluding any temporary pension and any single-life pension arising from AVCs) at the rate applicable at the date of your death. If you are over the age of 75 when you die, a cash sum is not payable but the Trustee has discretion to use the value of the sum which would otherwise have been paid to increase pensions payable to your dependants.


If you don't leave a spouse or were not living with your spouse at the time of your death, the Trustee may agree to pay an allowance to a dependant. For the purposes of children's benefits, this will be regarded as the equivalent of a spouse's pension.


If you are more than 10 years older than your spouse or partner, the Trustee has discretion to reduce their pension. Any such reduction is ignored in calculating children's pensions.   If the Trustee agrees, the spouse's pension may be paid as cash, as long as it is less than the Lifetime Allowance.  


For details of your specific plan please follow this link, select your plan and then death benefits.

Nominate your beneficiaries today!

The Trustees have the discretion as to how death benefits are divided between your beneficiaries. Make sure that your Expression of Wish form clearly nominates your beneficiaries.


Note: if you are actively contributing to the Investor Plan you should update your expression of wish details online via your DC online pension account.

Contact Pensions - Keep in touch!

It’s important that you tell us if your personal details or circumstances change so that we can keep in touch and pay your pension. Please let the Trafalgar House know if any of the following changes:

  • You move house (Update online)
  • Get married/enter into a civil partnership
  • Separate or divorce
  • Have children
  • Change your bank account (Update online)


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