Your Trustees

The role of the Trustee is to protect members’ interests and to ensure the smooth running of the Scheme. The law requires at least one-third of the Trustee Board to be nominated by employee and/or pensioner members.


Meet the individuals on the Trustee Board.

The individuals that make up the Trustee Board are volunteers from across the business.  

Responsibilities of the Trustee

✓ Ensuring that the scheme is operated in accordance with the Rules within the law.

✓ Deciding strategy, investing the scheme's assets and monitoring performance. 

✓ Keeping records and accounts.

✓ Working with Siemens who sponsor the scheme.

✓ Acting prudently, conscientiously and honestly, and with utmost good faith, acting for all classes of members equally (not just the class that nominates you).

✓ Taking advice on technical matters and any other matters that are not understood.

✓ Monitoring and reviewing the Scheme's professional advisers and investment managers.

✓ Keeping Trustee business strictly confidential at all times. 

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