HERU hybrid water heating appliance for business & home

Siemens has supported the development of a ground-breaking greentech solution which converts what was everyday rubbish into energy.


The 19-litre domestic Home Energy Resources Unit (HERU) is a washing machine-sized appliance that takes everyday items typically destined for landfill, such as packaging, plastics and uneaten food, and uses pyrolysis to transform them into energy to heat water. The initial commercial HERU is 240 litres in capacity.


The whole process leaves nothing behind except a spoonful of ash which is automatically flushed down the drain with no harm to humans or the environment.


Siemens will be one of the first companies in the world to use this innovative technology in an industrial setting. Other early adopters of the innovative technology in a commercial setting are hotels, restaurants and care homes.


HERU significantly reduces the amount of valuable resource, which cannot be recycled, from being sent to landfill.


It can generate up to 2 times more energy than is required to operate it, which means a reduction in energy bills and CO2 emissions.


The HERU was invented by Nik Spencer and developed and manufactured in partnership with The Manufacturing Technology Centre Business launch Centre, Manik Ventures and Siemens, who provided the PLC controller and display panel.


We will soon announce when it will be installed in one of the many Siemens sites in the UK.


Visit the Heru website to find out more.