Dog guided by veterinary nurse using Hydro Physio canine hydrotherapy treadmill

A step change in canine hydrotherapy 

Digital innovation advances take product development to a new level for a product aimed at global markets.



How Siemens is empowering HYDRO PHYSIO’S mission to improve canine health

World-class products are created when every single component works together harmoniously. HYDRO PHYSIO know this well, having designed, manufactured, and sold over 1000 market-leading aquatic therapy treadmills over the past 16 years. So, when it came time to enhance their product and find a more reliable drive for their hydrotherapy machine, they approached Siemens.
At Hydro Physio, we strive to create products with purpose that are both innovative and of the highest engineering quality; this is why we have chosen Siemens as our technology partner to benefit the day to day life of veterinarians and, most importantly, our canine companions.
Chris Truman, Founder & Managing Director, HYDRO PHYSIO

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HYDRO PHYSIO first explored canine hydrotherapy in 2004 when Chris Truman, their Managing Director, came across one of the first trainers at a vet show - it was simply a stainless-steel tank with windows in the sides and a conveyor at the bottom. Amazed by its appearance, Truman wanted to learn more regarding its purpose, and following discussions with veterinarians, was surprised to learn it was a hydrotherapy treadmill for animal rehabilitation. He discovered that the low-impact treatment helps improve mobility, decrease muscle tension and provide pain relief for animals.


After numerous discussions with canine therapists, he found out quickly that hydrotherapy rehabilitation techniques were in their early stages, with several opportunities for improvement to the equipment design. So, in 2005 HYDRO PHYSIO was founded. With core skills in stainless steel fabrication and conveyors, their design team quickly developed the company’s first canine hydrotherapy treadmill which included several patented elements. Ease of use was of paramount importance, so the team wanted to provide a trainer that animals could walk in and out of comfortably, allowing therapists to easily adjust treadmill speeds, water temperature and depth. 


Although the hydrotherapy trainer continued to be developed and expanded internationally, the HYDRO PHYSIO team realised they needed a partner with whom the drive and controls could be further developed - and in 2020, an alliance was formed with Siemens to improve canine health even further.

A generational leap in canine therapy

Siemens offered HYDRO PHYSIO a comprehensive solution challenging various technical aspects of the existing product. 


A variety of elements were considered, such as intellectual property, long-term ease of maintenance, the weight of the animal, and safety compliance in global markets. The engineering team at Siemens provided expert technological advice and recommended componentry that would make this product the new benchmark for canine hydrotherapy.


So what's new?

Intuitive controls, smooth, powerful, and quiet drive with maintenance schedules based on operating hours as well as time.


Worldwide service

With the benefit of Siemens warranty and remote diagnostics, customers can be confident with a high level of service. This means improved reliability thanks to preventative maintenance and service regimes – veterinary therapists can operate the trainer with a portable device such as a compatible tablet or phone for added convenience.  


Ease of use and maintenance

“It is not something where you’ve got to have a degree in astrophysics to work on now. It’s usable and maintainable. We have de-skilled the maintenance of the machine,” Alexander Williams, Business Development Manager at Siemens said.


Superior mechatronics

The integrated solution is a superior ‘mechatronics’ package and a real credit to the two innovative companies committed to continual improvement. “We’ve arrived at a product that has resulted in a number of international patent applications. Objectives achieved,” he added.

Transforming lives every day

The partnership with Siemens has allowed HYDRO PHYSIO to take their product to the next level and gives vets confidence in their product day-in and day-out. The result of their combined technical expertise, comprehensive portfolio, and long-standing experience: the robust, reliable product offers a better user experience for both vets and the animals alike.


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