Cutting energy consumption in manufacturing

Discover how UK glass manufacturer Pilkington has reduced energy costs, increased efficiency and found a range of sustainability benefits.
Glass Manufacturing

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Since 1826, Pilkington has been at the cutting edge of glass manufacture, constantly innovating to create a huge range of glass products – from the first energy-efficient glass, to touchscreen technologies. They’re always looking to get better, in both manufacture and product lines. And this is where we came in.

The impact of rising energy costs

Glass production traditionally requires considerable energy consumption. Like many manufacturers, Pilkington is traditionally a very high energy user and faces the ongoing challenge of managing its increasing energy costs. With substantial annual energy bills, the company wanted to reduce these costs and, at the same time, find additional opportunities to improve efficiency and support its drive towards a low-carbon and sustainable future.

The Siemens and Pilkington engineering teams carried out a series of in-depth energy audits and due diligence across the company's UK-wide manufacturing sites. An initial list of ten energy management projects was identified. These projects included the installation of new drive technologies and automation controls at a Scottish production site, new pump system upgrades and a major programme to install an intelligent lighting solution at one of the company's prime warehousing locations.

Using an innovative tailored investment funding package and sharing the risk, the strategic partnership with Siemens allowed Pilkington to support investment strategies in critical areas such as energy management, without having to tap into existing cash reserves, impair day-to-day cash flow health or even resort to traditional bank funding.​


Intelligent control

How to reduce energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process
Energy use in glass manufacturing

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Capital expenditure

Financed from cost savings

From planning to implementation and financing, Siemens' complete service supports customers through every step.  

Capital expenditure

The tailored investment funding package put in place by Siemens Financial Services has been used to support the energy management projects and help Pilkington attain best value from its capital expenditure management.
Crucially, we have not had to make any upfront capital expenditure investment to benefit from the installed technical solutions, but pay for them once we see tangible savings over time. Such flexibility is a key factor and means it is a risk-free option for us.
Gary Charlton, Pilkington’s UK Operations Director
Innovative finance for manufacturing

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Reduce your energy consumption

An energy-efficient production requires maximum solution competence and a comprehensive approach. Our solutions cover all phases of product development and production processes – thereby, taking the first big step toward the energy-efficient production of the future.